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Kill that positive thinking. It’s time for positive action!

There are times when thinking positive along doesn't yield results. During such times, you need something more than just motivation and positive thinking to make things work according to you. Find it out in this article. 

Kill that positive thinking. It’s time for positive action!

Tuesday September 05, 2017,

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‘Be positive’, think positive, ‘it’s okay’, ‘don’t get into negativity’. Personally, I am even tired of hearing positive encouragement messages people share every morning.

I mean why I have to be positive every minute? Many people fall in love with the law of attraction theory as soon as they read about it. But for me, law of attraction turned out to be a nightmare. Every time, I have a negative thought, I feel the universe has begun planning to send something bad out to me.

I struggle to be in the ‘positive zone’ always. But they say, you ought to be positive to receive positive. The question is-what do I do with the negative part? I am unable to conquer the negative thinking and think positive. Somehow, even if I am able to ‘think positive’, it ain’t really creating wonders for me around.

This is the story of every individual on this planet. We all struggle to retain a positive mindset with so much of competition, struggle, and negativity around us. Researchers have revealed that positive thinking is the driving force of our life.

Sadly, the truth is thinking positive alone cannot help you to achieve your goals. It cannot even help you achieve the simplest yet biggest thing in life which is to be happy.

That’s why it's time to move beyond the positive thinking mentality. It’s time for some positive action. The following points will help you find out how you can transform your positive thoughts into positive actions.

Set Milestones

Every goal involves an explicit set of action required to reach it. While it is good to sit and think about the final result every hour of the day but it doesn’t lead you anywhere. For instance, your goal is to lose X kilos of weight. Now, only thinking about how would you look after the weight loss campaign in a futile exercise. Even thinking this for another 10 years will not reduce your weight even by a gram.

The best way is to get into action once you have decided your goal. Set an achievable deadline and milestones which will help you track your progress. Setting milestones help you achieve measurable progress which keeps your enthusiasm high.

Get Honest Feedback


Do you know what is the biggest problem with positive thinking? Being in the goody-goody and comfort zone. People who are obsessed with positive thinking aren’t even open to healthy criticism.

However, if you want to grow in life, then be ready for some constructive criticism. In fact, look for people who can provide you honest reviews about your work. Using it, you can change your style of working, planning, and executing things. On the other hand, being only positive simply kills your chances of improvement and growth.

Embrace Negativity

As mentioned in the beginning of the article that negative thoughts are bound to come and trouble you. They will make every little effort to shake you and destroy the good in you. The best way to deal with negative feelings and thoughts is by embracing them.

Know that you cannot control your thoughts, they simply come and leave your mind. Watch these thoughts as if you are watching a movie where you only witness everything and doesn’t become one with it. Meditation is another practice for handling negative emotions and feelings. Once you are aware of the negative thoughts, you can channelize your energy into action.

Be Realistic

You may find it strange but it’s okay to experience a bit of negativity on your road to success. If you aren’t able to really embrace negativity, it’s completely fine. In fact, there are a lot of negative things that can possibly occur in your journey. No matter how hard you try to keep such negative things away through forced positive thinking, they are anyways going to happen.

Instead of fooling yourselves that problems can be resolved through positive thinking, it’s better to take action for getting over the situation. If you take immediate steps to overcome a negative situation, you would be much nearer to your goal. It’s like making lemonade when life hands you lemons.

Take control of your life today! If you are undergoing a tough situation, financial crisis, job problems or relationship issues, then find ways to address them. Thinking positive will not get you that job or promotion. But working for it will definitely get you there. Start making your lemonade now!

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