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Jobs too deserve respect equal to passion

Jobs are not merely a money vending machine !

Jobs too deserve respect equal to passion

Friday July 06, 2018,

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 Source : Unsplash

 Source : Unsplash

“My job sucks!” 

“I hate my job”

“Job is nothing but slavery” 

“Boring life with my boring job”

“One should follow his passion in life. Only that brings the satisfaction. Being in job is painful. ”

“Salary credit message at the end of the month is the only good thing in the job.”

“I am doing job just because of money, otherwise I would have kicked it out of my life.”

“You are so lucky that you are following your PASSION while we are still stuck in our jobs.”

“There will be no talks of the job during our vacations. I don’t want to spoil my mood.”

Find these lines very common to what you say or hear from someone or the other on a daily basis?Don't you?

No wonder then that as per the Randstad Workmonitor survey 2017, 83 % of the Indian workforce wants to be an entrepreneur, higher than the global average of 53 %.

The statistics is great, promising us a great future of our nation in the international arena. However what is not great is that majority of those who continue with their jobs demean jobs to merely being a money vending machine.

Interesting observation here is that we hear such statements from people coming from all kinds of jobs: high paying or average paying; managerial position or development role; from people from great colleges, from people from not-so-great colleges; luxurious jobs or tough jobs; mentally straining or physically straining ones. And the aforementioned lines are not just for the roles they are currently into, instead these are generic lines used for JOBS.

“I hate my job” is as fixated in the minds of people as is “All politicians are corrupt”

Jobs have for long been given the place of that rich & powerful politician who everyone cribs and taunts about but everyone still bows down to.

Job is much more than money, it allows you to plan your life, brings to you the stability to fix things up in advance, not just serves you money but serves you money at a definite fixed time, helps you keep up with the inflation, prevents you from the brunt of failing businesses, helps you with a great social circle.

Most definitely, there is nothing better than working for yourself and working for a thing closest to your mind & heart, but let’s admit it, entrepreneurship is not an easy road to take and hence not everyone can do it. Following your heart, your passion, your excellence, your interest is fine but if you cannot do that, then appreciate what is there in your hands.

As very rightly said by Wayne W. Dyer “Either Do what you love OR Love what you do.

It’s been long that we have been cribbing either about jobs or being in jobs. It is high time we share the respect we offer to Passion with our Jobs too.