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Gold N Stone - A new step towards main taining ethnicity

Gold N Stone is offer the widest range of gold & Diamond Engagement Rings, Pendants, Earrings, Nose Rings, Jewellery with 100% BIS Certified.

Gold N Stone - A new step towards main taining ethnicity

Monday November 21, 2016,

4 min Read

Gold and gems have been worn throughout history as symbols of power, their luminance send messages of extravagance, luxury and pride. Accessorising yourself with jewellery is the most fun part of an outfit which is not working out. By 2014, the world was well aware about a major breakthrough called the Internet, so to bring about a revolution in the world of gems and jewellery, Goldnstone inc, an organization run by skilled team of young professionals decided to take a step forward and unveil an online website for showcasing a 70 year old saga which inherited from the pink city, Jaipur. The core team of Goldnstone includes young and skilled architects of new design in the field of Gemmology.

CEO Saurabh Jain is a graduate from Gemmological institute of America and has an expertise in valuation of precious stones; he is the main architect who aims to take his 70 year old family business forward. The IT end of business is looked after by Keshav Jakhotia, who's a specialist in business development. Prakhar Garg is the third pillar of Goldnstone; he is someone who is inclined towards maintaining a strict control over quality of jewellery and gems. He has accepted all challenges in the field of Gemmology.


To provide best in class jewellery and gems to women of every age group, Goldnstone has an extremely diverse product line up. Diamonds, Emeralds, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Pearl etc are precious stones which are crafted as jewellery at Goldnstone, they have a dynamic interface on their online website which enables costumers to browse through different range of beautiful rings, pendants, stunning bangles and previous earrings. Apart from the basic accessories, the website also has a collection of specialized jewelleries for specific needs and events. The core team of Goldnstone has kept in mind the different cultures and colours of Indian heritage and it can be seen in their style of jewelleries. In India, if you travel from North to South or East to West, you will experience uniqueness in every part of the country and realise the cultural differences, it's the same with Goldnstone, they have carefully crafted the jewelleries and their product line-up compliments different cultures and traditions of India.

Online marketing for jewelleries and gems is growing rapidly and Goldnstone aims to cover different price ranges to make jewellery affordable for all. Their marketplace model will help them to connect with every jewellery enthusiast and fulfil their requirement. CEO, Saurabh Jain is well aware about the profund love of Indians for jewellery and knows how accessories can ease situations for women who like to maintain a sense of composure about themselves. Therefore, he wanted this website to fulfill the needs of different people who need jewellery for different purposes like weddings, casual wear etc. Jewellery business is slowly getting saturated because there is an increase in competition, but it seems like CEO, Jain knows that he has to offer something niche to make a mark in the industry of jewellery.


Jewellery forms a bond of affection from generation to generation. Goldnstone is another example of value and importance given to jewellery and ornaments in India. Goldnstone, for contemporary women is nothing but a blessing, at Goldnstone the beauty of a woman is appreciated and complemented; it aims to bring about a revolution in the dynamic era of internet without compromising on traditional values and Indian's rich heritage of jewellery. Goldnstone originates from Jaipur, a city famous for it's ethnic and traditional jewelleries. CEO Saurabh Jain has made beautiful traditional jewellery accessible to people, it is a bold an uplifting step towards creating evergreen jewellery available to all groups of people. Goldnstone belives in providing the best quality of ornaments to complement every individual and they have something for every occasion. Their advancement into an online website shows their efficiency and years of hard work, they have everything that it takes to fulfil the jewellery requirement of people.