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How can mobile app development assist in corporate training?

Every organization imparting corporate training has diverged their ways towards developing mobile apps. 

How can mobile app development assist in corporate training?

Saturday July 22, 2017,

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Laptop and desktop have different software for running different programs, and mobile has mobile apps to use different functions. Here’s how you can define mobile apps, ‘software which runs on tablets, smartphones and any other device that’s portable. Since past few years, there has been witnessing an inevitable growth in this sector with more and more companies indulging in the development and more and more users being addicted to its use. Check any pocket or any hand bad, you will surely get a smartphone full of mobile apps.

From eating to entertaining, from table booking to taxi booking, from flight booking to hotel booking, they have surrounded us from each and every corner.

Well, this trend has restricted it to the above-mentioned activities, it has spread its branches to mLearning. Every organization imparting corporate training has diverged their ways towards developing mobile apps. Today’s gen seeks for on demand training and learning content that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. App development for imparting corporate training will take the training experience to an entirely new level. Let’s explore how apps can assist in corporate training.

1) Training to cope with different circumstances

When trainees see in-class training, they tend to forget it after a while if they are not put to use on the immediate basis. The training sessions tend to slip from the memory that too when you are indulged in center based training like Android training, iPhone training or PHP training Ahmedabad. Post training if the plethora of time passes and then you start with actual work, you won’t be able to implement all those you have put your heart and soul to learn. When the learning process have been incorporated into mobile apps, there can be on the go videos of the sessions. You don’t need to rub your brains recalling or don’t have to ask for anyone. Just open your phone and you get what you want. This is the easiest and the prompt solution for the emergency training needs.

2) Upsurged benefits as compared to classroom training

Well, there is no criticism here for the live project training, of course, they are great and have been a great source to burst with a great talent for decades. But, this training can also restrict some great talents to become great personalities. Distance, financial charges, traveling issues can be a hindrance for the trainees. With app development and trending mLearning tactics, any trainee sitting in any corner of the world can learn whatever they intend to. The advanced features in the app are highly acknowledged and entail the learner with every bits and piece of the training they are seeking.

3) Urgent need, immediate solution

Training is the process of making mistakes and learning from it. What happens when you run the wrong code and how to correct it? What if the app[ you have developed have a bug, how to rectify it? All these are real time crisis, tackling which is taught in the corporate training sessions. When there is an urgent need and you don’t have anyone around, mobile apps are the best tutor you can go to. The urgent need, immediate solution, a mobile app is the best resolution.

Mobile devices and now the apps have altered the way we communicate, work, train, in short, let’s just say change the way how we live. The growth in the corporate training has been truly tremendous and there is no chance you can deny it. 


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