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Cafe with Care - Cook with Love & Share with smile

“We realise that expensive gifts or materialistic pleasure doesn’t give one ultimate happiness. But a hug and smile from our guests showcasing their love mean the world to us" Cafe with Care

Cafe with Care - Cook with Love & Share with smile

Thursday February 16, 2017,

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Inspired by seva cafe bangalore, like minded volunteers from different sectors and profession having one thing in common, Love to cook and share! More than calling ourselves as members we call ourselves as friends, gathered to have a similar concept in Chennai and officially approached Mr. Tharanath - founder and mentor of bangalore Seva Cafe. With his guidance we had our 1st event on July 30th 2016 where volunteers from bangalore along with Tharanath himself joined us for our innagural event. The tremendous success n response we received from beneficiary n sponsors encouraged us to have more events for underprivileged n hence we formed cafe with care.

Our volunteer base(members) is huge spread across various countries like Germany ,switzerland, Bahrain and USA. It keeps increasing after every successful event. However every event demands 20 to 30 ground volunteers to cook n serve and we spread our tasks among ourselves.we open a registration before the event. Anyone who is interested can register and join the event with us to cook and share!The motto of our team is to cook and share the food, when the food is cooked with love the taste of love makes the food delicious is what we believe in. Just like how our mother cooks for us, we don't compromise on anything, quality, standard, ingredients

Do we cook- yes the concept of cwc is to cook food ourselves at the event place as we prefer to mix our magic recipe of unlimited care n love which we prefer to share with underprivileged. We don't deploy cooks for the same reason. Team members actively participate in cutting vegetables, cooking, cleaning, serving and waste management.

We schedule to have our cooking event once a month however the required background works which includes finding out the preferred food choice of our guest, arranging food materials on time etc require us to stay connected always as we never compromise on the quality n success of our events. Underprivileged are our guest and our guests are our God.

Though there are many instances. One instance was at St. Louis School, Adyar. After a month from the event we have done for them for nearly 300+ children, we Cafe with Care team was invited for their Christmas day function. There most of the children came to us asking about our team members & told about the food we cooked & served for them was lovable.

Cafe with care is providing food for soul n not just for stomach. An elderly person from vishranthi blessed us saying even there son /daughter who left them at old age home only pay for their food n never spend time with them whereas cafe with cafe has spent a whole day with them entertaining their soul with delicious spot cooked menu of their choice. The time, love n affection we shared with them through food endorse our success.

Our first event done in Arunodhayam Kolathur for mentally challenged kids was also special to us . The kids were very happy to see us . The smiles of the kids made magic to us in forgetting the world .

We realised that , its not expensive gifts or expensive things that makes a person happy , but the hug and smile from the guests representing heartfelt thanks is very valuable than anything in the world .The joy of giving food & spending time with people who are in need gives happiness to both the giver & the receiver.

Respect underprivileged, they are also human beings.. Spend time with them, that's wat they ask for... Every drop of love n affection you share with unnoticed human being is equal to serving God. Above all, volunteering is not about giving wat needy wants.. It's about sharing wat you have with wat they rightly deserve. This is wat current generation is lacking n Cafe with care is promoting this message strongly n uniformly in all our events as a team which is much focused n disciplined in serving our guests.

Our In Progress plans :

1)We are very keen to use Organic products for cooking to avoid chemicals in food . We are in the process of setting up Organic Veggies garden exclusively to serve the purpose for cooking in CWC events. As well to promote Organic gardeing among communities 

2) We are also in process of getting Organic products from Farmers and promote Organic farming among farmers

Our eco friendly Motto:

1) We respect nature and try to be as eco-friendly as possible by reducing plastic as much as possible . We use only Plaintain leaves , stainless steel glasses , Pakku Mattai cups .

2) waste segreggation is very important part of Cafe with Care . The waste will be segreggated and would be recycled. Decomposable Bio waste is sent for producing Manure . unavoidable plastic would be sent for proper recycling without landing in landfill

3) Once the Lunch is done , we make sure we do the cleaning of kitchen , As well we gear up for entertaining our guests .Also we provide useful sessions like eco friendly promotion , arts , crafts ...

just check out ourFacebook page www.facebook.com/Cafewithcare/ or write to [email protected] and follow our Blogs https://cafewithcare.wordpress.com/





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