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20 or something

Unspoken but most to say..

Monday May 22, 2017,

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The age. 23. That is nothing but 18, the official age when you get the tag of ‘adult’ plus 5 worthy years of experience of reality. Such an age when you just can’t figure out that what’s wrong! what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with your parents, your surroundings, friends, future. Everything.

Some manage to sail through this age without any breakdown (very few) and some, somehow manage to just live through this age. Though they are not actually living. That’s the difference between living and breathing!

The age when you regret about the choices once you’ve made. Fret and brood very frequently about what coming up next. I don’t know about others but yeah. I have made many mistakes. In past and I am damn sure that I will be continuing to do so in future.

People of this age have successfully(or forcefully) completed their graduation. Well settled in their Companies. But still. Somehow want to go back to the times when all these things didn’t matter! Parents are only the one who understand us  (most of us are yet to admit this fact)

I can bet !! this age group people are still wandering somewhere. Somewhere, where they can find the answers of their never-ending questions. Why.when.what.how.which. By endlessly staring into their computer screens between 9-5 daily, one thing is clear. We get education, we get graduated to pursue our dreams. Our desires. But the bitter truth is that. We get bribed by our companies to forget our dreams. And this bribery is the salary that is being credited on the very last working day of every month.

Can someone guide us. The people of this age to know what LIFE actually is ? Apart from Outlook, Skype, WhatsApp, Imo, FaceTime. What is the actual meaning of communication ?

Sincerely waiting for a light on the dark path ,

Every 20s of this generation. 