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Canvas prints - Types & uses


Canvas prints - Types & uses

Wednesday August 02, 2017,

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Thanks to canvas printing, you can now have any of your favorite images printed onto a canvas and framed for display. Owing to the introduction of cutting-edge printers, canvas printing has really risen in popularity and everywhere you look you will find frames hanging with canvas prints.

Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of canvas prints that are readily available to you. These are:

· Personalized or custom canvas prints – These are basically prints that are made from your own collection of photographs. Or you can also Photoshop the pictures to include details that you want. For instance, you might want to frame a memory where the entire family is in one frame, except maybe one member. What do you do? You can simply Photoshop that person into the existing picture and print it out. Or you could also Photoshop yourself with a famous person, just for fun.

· Stock images – These are typically pre-made prints of stock photographs. Nothing is customized here and the image is printed exactly the way it is.

Now, the types can be further subdivided based on how you choose to display the photograph. Want to know your options? Here we go…

· Single panel – This is undoubtedly the simplest way to display your print. Just select the photograph that you want to display and it will be printed onto a canvas.

· Multi-panel – This is a slightly fancy method of displaying the picture that you want to print. It involves splitting up of the pictures into sections. After which, each section is printed onto the canvas. The desired effect can be achieved if you carefully choose the pictures and make sure that both the images go with each other.

Do you know that there are 2 types of materials that are used for photo canvas prints? Cotton and polyester prints are the materials that are used for canvas printing.

Also, gallery wrapping and varnish are the two framing options that you can consider. There are even other frames that a professional can help you with.

It is a known fact that memories look even spectacular in canvas prints. These prints find different uses. Such as:

· They are used in home décor – Since canvas prints look stunning and there are various framing options, a lot of professional interior designers and home owners make use of these prints to decorate home. In fact, it is also used in decorating commercial spaces, retail outlets and more. A good-looking image put in frame acts as a fabulous designing element. Coupled with excellent lighting fixtures and great wall color, canvas prints can really turn a place around and up the ante of an interior space.

· They are mass produced to be sold in retail shops – A lot of people have started to use framed pictures a way to decorate their homes or office spaces. This has led to a mass production of canvas prints. They are found in retail and home improvement shops. These pictures are nothing personal but may contain pictures of famous celebrities, scenic landscape and so on.

· Customized canvas prints – As mentioned above, canvas prints is largely finding its use in personalized printing. With more and more people interested in framing their memories and wanting to relive moments through photographs, this is certainly a growing business. Not only photographs, even drawings and sketches can be printed onto a canvas. All you have to do is upload the image or drawing, via the Internet and talk to a professional to get it printed out.

· Reproduction of artwork – This is one of the most popular uses of canvas printing. Framed artwork is really expensive and a lot of people cannot afford it. It is considered a cheaper alternative as framed artwork because there is no glazing required. Maybe, this is a reason why a lot of museums are also warming up to the idea of printing pieces of fine art into a canvas. In fact, this also protects the photograph or image damage. With advanced printers, reproduction of artwork has become a go-to solution for those images that are slowly becoming a victim of time.

Now that you are aware of the different types and uses of canvas prints, are you thinking of getting one yourself? There are a lot of professional companies specializing in canvas printing. Do talk to experts to get the best results within your budget.

Let your memories and moments live forever with canvas prints!


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