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Excel In Being Serene

Thus have I heard: Life's many challenges and charms are the indispensable training ground for discovering who you are at present and what can yet be possible for you.

Excel In Being Serene

Monday April 23, 2018,

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Do you suffer from a hostile takeover of your body and mind, by stress hormones? Well, what if you decided, once and for all, to gain mastery of your life by learning to excel in being serene in the midst of life's challenges? How enjoyable would your life be then?

There is no getting around it. We all have to face, learn and grow from life's trials and tribulations. To believe that living in some kind of silken cocoon, free from challenges, would be an ideal, enriching existence is a misguided desire. A "wrinkle-free" existence only incapacitates you; it does not bring out your best in this long journey through life's many faces. So strive towards meeting and transforming the challenges and temptations of the moment in ways that are astounding and you will taste true fulfilment.

In most situations, it is not the challenges that are daunting. What immobilises you are the faulty translations that arise from your living in neglect of your strengths. By making personal growth and learning your mainstay, you empower yourself to engage in life's inevitable ebb and flow in a manner that liberates you from the fatigue and frustration that comes from not being in touch with what is finest in you.

Understand that learning from experience isn't automatic, because although experience is inevitable, learning is not. Learning requires profound skills. Experience only provides data, not knowledge. It offers only the raw ingredients for learning. You can turn it into knowledge only when you know how to evaluate the data wisely from a sound foundation in learning what is true and of timeless value.

To infuse yourself with the power to manifest your deepest desires, it is essential for you to realize that anything less than a conscious commitment towards personal excellence, is an unconscious commitment to suffering in its many forms.

Nature has equipped you with everything you need to craft a spectacular destiny. But it is only when you flow in harmony with universal forces, that they provide you with everything you need to achieve your highest potential. So step out of your habitual, debilitating reactions when your expectations are not met. Instead, learn to be serene on all occasions and the blessings that every experience contains, will be revealed to you.

Now, observe what happens when you say, "I'm going to try to live more consciously," or "I'm going to try to build better habits." The word 'try' implies a possibility of failure. A suggestion formulated in this way has a negative effect because it is accompanied by doubt, and it is the aspect of doubt that your subconscious mind will focus on. Result? The opposite of what you want to happen, will happen. And so instead of trying, what you need is ten times more enthusiasm and clarity for designing your life wisely.

The good news is that as your inner world changes for the better, so does your outer reality - because it is a Universal Law that as you become great on the inside, you experience greatness on the outside. This, my friend, is how you set sail in the full tide of victory.


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