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Ways through which AI is changing software testing

Ways through which AI is changing software testing

Wednesday February 14, 2018,

3 min Read

Till yet manual testing was the technique through which different applications were tested. Although human testing will not lose its importance artificial intelligence is completely changing the way software testing is done. Artificial intelligence is taking leaps and bound as far as testing is done. Let us understand how AI is changing the software testing.


Software testing has become convenient

The best thing about AI is that it has very powerful analyzing tools. These tools help in locating the flaws in the code and helps in predicting future complications due to which testing becomes very convenient. AI has the unique ability to go through the log which saves the user’s time and increase the accuracy of the program. The data results generated by the AI algorithm give a complete overview to the developers telling them to correct the flaws in the program.

Testing process is automated by AI algorithm

Due to less time, more and more programs are getting launched without even testing them properly. As the manual testing is time-consuming, many companies do not consider even hiring a software testing team. This created lot of problem afterward. Users get irritated by the number of bugs appearing in the program. This forces them to move on to other software.

Another reason why the companies do not hire a software testing team is that it requires an amount of money to hire the testers and it takes quite a time to do testing. With the advancement of technology, the AI can do automation testing informing the developers about the flaws and bugs in the application. Through automation testing 80% of the human workload is reduced, eliminating the stress of reduced efficiency and accuracy in coding.

AI encourages human creativity

Software developers must be creative and tactical in this IT world. AI gives the extra time to developers to think about the ability of the app to connect with the customers. Although the application is all about the backend the user has no interest in the backend of the app. All he is interested in is how the app connects the users. AI has the potential to test the code using intelligent algorithms. Having a very deep understanding with the client helps in popularity of the product.

AI eliminates more bugs and errors

As compared to other testing techniques, AI has more potential to eliminate bugs and errors. When a bug occurs during the user experience, software developers are left wondering how the bug got into the code. AI has advanced techniques through which the bug can be removed during the development process. AI can identify even small bugs and error that occur in the code.

AI testing methods will continuously increase

As the best feature about artificial intelligence is the auto-learning feature, the AI testing algorithm will keep on improving and due to that, the testing will continuously become better removing bugs and errors. AI testing increases the reliability and security of a program.  

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