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5 disruptive trends of entrepreneurship that are creating history in 2018

A quick overview on technology trends in Entrepreneurship industry

5 disruptive trends of entrepreneurship that are creating history in 2018

Wednesday August 01, 2018,

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If you can dream it, you can do it.
Walt Disney

Dreaming, visualizing and actualizing are the key metrics of a successful entrepreneur. In this era of intense competition, you can’t survive without being proactive.

In the last few years, new trends in entrepreneurship has just revolutionized the whole eco system or if we say new system has been established then it will not be wrong.

In 2017, we saw a lot of trends including increased use of AI by giant companies like Facebook. We are experiencing a much better Facebook than ever and it’s due to the trends oriented approach by Mark Zuckerburg.

So, if you want to be successful in 2018 in your business, you must brace yourself with the upcoming trends. Below are the predicted trends of entrepreneurship in 2018.

1. Remote Working:


A remote working trend has tremendously increased in the last few months. We have seen a great rise in remote working jobs and this trend will continue to rise in next year. The key reasons behind growing remote working trend are:

· The freedom of setting own schedule and workplace.

· It enables you to choose the best employees from all around the world.

· Remote employees tend to be more productive, loyal and happier.

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According to a US based report, nearly 43% of Americans spend some time working remotely.

Many startups think it’s more economical to connect with the team remotely as it lowers the operational cost.

Startups like Articulate and 10up are solely dependent upon remote teams.

In 2018, it would not be a bigger surprise if new startups are soley dependent upon virtual teams.

2. Internet of things:

IOT has connected millions of people all over the world. Connecting daily appliances with the internet is no longer a dream.

IOT advancement is predicted to continue in 2018 too. IOT gadgets were also trending last year. In all over the world, the trend of smart devices purchasing has increased a lot. Low power short ranged devices are increasingly introduced by companies. Millions of Sensors are being embedded in a few years.

Another important impact on IOT in 2018 will be the effect of retail. Businesses are making great money by sensors and the data driven by IOT.

IOT advancement will bring a great revolution in the health care industry. It is definitely going to affect the pay of people as well.

Wearable gadgets have already introduced such as stress levels and heart rate monitoring devices.

Network security will be a major concern for many companies working with IOT.

Industrial IOT is expected to grow with exponential rate. As more devices will be connected, therefore malware attacks will really need to stop with proper security.

IOT based startups will have greater access to funds capital.

3. Chatbots:


Research report suggests that global chatbot market will reach $1.23 billion by the end of 2025. Chatbots have proved to be cost effective for businesses.

Chatbots are great in terms of revenue and are used as payments processing service and marketing. Digital Marketing Services is another revenue generating business and entrepreneurs will continue to get benefits from it.

Research further suggests that 45% of end users in global chatbot market use chatbots as a preferred mode of communication. Chatbots help a lot in customer retention.

4. Artificial Intelligence:

Everywhere there is talk about artificial intelligence. Giant companies are investing in AI for the advancement of their businesses.


Artificial intelligence is very much benefiting governments as well as private sector organizations. Trends in AI which will rise in 2018 are as follows:

Deep Reinforcement Learning:

Deep neural networks can learn from audio, image and text data. Deep learning understanding may help in development.

Capsule Networks:

It is typically a new type of neural network. It works almost the same way as the brain processes visual information. Capsule networks are good for efficiency.

ROI of AI:

It is an extremely important factor which you need to learn and think about. There are 2 metrics which are important.

First one is the traditional one by which you measure like revenue increases, service requests solved, etc.

5. Digital Currencies:

Recently we have witnessed a rise of digital currencies trend in all over the world. Often, referred to as crypto currency is considered as alternative money. Right now, bitcoin is the most traded crypto currency in the world.


Many experts consider Bitcoin as the superior payment method. It is more secure than traditional systems. Top 10 digital currencies right now are Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Bitcoin cash(BCH2), Ripple(XRP), Litecoin(LTC), Dash(DASH),

Digital currencies are a very booming segment of a global financial industry. Many people have invested in Bitcoin and are benefiting from its trading. However, illegal undertakings and the security breach are a major concern for many people.

End Note:

2019 is just a few days ahead. The whole tech world is preparing to set their goals for next year to become more successful in terms of revenue. Use of Saas tools like TaskQue, Todoist, Evernote is becoming quite popular. Also, the trend of app development for businesses is also on Peak. Above discussed trends are going to benefit you if your investment focus lies in it. If you would like to contribute another trend, please add in the comments section.