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How is augmented reality going to transform e-commerce industry?

E-commerce business is drastically changing the business sector. A small businessman is now selling his products online either from his own source or in collaboration with other online platforms. Similarly, big businesses are selling their products and services on their own online platforms or same with other brand e-commerce platforms.

How is augmented reality going to transform e-commerce industry?

Thursday February 01, 2018,

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Today’s generation prefers to make their purchases online, from ‘n’ numbers of an e-commerce website, and daily new e-commerce business is serving in the market and many closed. Industries like real estate, education, entertainment, print, automobile, and others are now selling their products and services online in partnership with big brand names are like – Amazon, Alibaba.com, Jabong, Flipkart, 99acres and many other. These E-commerce companies are targeting according to the customer needs and supporting different industries to increase the sales and direct reach to their clients.

The innovative technology always gives something better and improved solutions to the business. The business which is diverting to new technology for promotions

Augmented Reality is a technology which provides a direct or indirect view of the computer generated images scanned through users on their mobile or tablet to gather complete information about the tracking objects.

Augmented Reality is transforming E-commerce industry and many such industries are diverting towards AR technology. Amazon circulated a patent on Augmented Reality Presentation, giving a suggestion as to what’s to come from the e-commerce.

The design shows users "trying on" watches in AR as they buy online. Taking an example like, a person before purchasing can scan the clothes and view himself with the outfit he is planning to buy. This will not only save the time of the buyer but also reduces the exchange or returning process.

For industries to boost the market share in the e-commerce industry of Augmented Reality, they have to start preparing creative with the specific products and services they offer. By preparing such creative industries able to show the products detail to their potential buyers to their home and make them visualize how it fits into their routine life.

Browse the given below points provided by the Yeppar to Know The Benefits of using Augmented Reality Technology in eCommerce Industries

Customer Focusing –

Every industry tries to engage their existing and new clients with their products. The product they manufactured or are planning to will be according to clients customers need and are acceptable to them. With the help of Augmented Reality technology, the industries are able to create computer generated creative which provides information about the product.

Real-estate companies these days using Augmented Reality Technology to present their upcoming or present project location, interior, exterior and other benefits of the projects. A customer willing to buy or planning can view all the provided benefits of the building or flat from their home. Here customers by scanning the tracking object image, brochure or anything provided by the company on their phone or tablet can view complete information about the projects.

Augmented Reality Real Estate


Similarly, Education industries are also taking benefits from AR technology to provide a better understanding of the subjects. Students can able to visualize the matter they are studying. It will give deep and better knowledge of the subject.

AR in Education


Other industries like real print media, restaurants are also taking advantage of Augmented reality in education to engage their customers.

Reduce Exchange or Return procedure –


This is commonly faced by every customer, what they order is either same looking other product delivered or did not like the actual product ordered. To resolve such problem E-commerce website started to exchange and refund process for clients’ convenience. But this process wastes lots of time and money for both customers as well as the company.

Augmented Reality Solutions are shaping the future of eCommerce by providing “try before buy” solutions.

Buy Before You Try

Now the customers can try the outfits digitally on their mobile or tablet before processing it to final purchase. The customers can visualize themselves with different outfits and finalize color, size, and price before finalizing the order.

For home décor products also, E-commerce companies are these days proving solutions through AR technology where the customers can view the furniture, curtains or other household products size, color, the space it will occupy and how it look at their home after final purchase.

This solution of E-commerce industries is saving the time of the company on its exchange and return policy. It wastes lots of time for the company in completing exchange or returning policy and then again have to deliver new product or refund the amount of customer. The innovations are changing the marketing strategy.

Transparency Delivery –


As mentioned above, a customer during placing an order is always worried about the product he will receive after placing an order. Today E-commerce industries are using new innovations to present a transparency of the product and delivery. They are providing different methods to their customers about products like color, size, space, and other alternatives for same. With the help of AR technology, customers are able to visualize the exact information of the product and place an order accordingly. This will help the company to deliver the exact product ordered by customers and keep it transparent for all.

Final words – Augmented Reality is transforming E-commerce industry by providing clear and relevant information to their customers. This technology is also a time saving and reduces the transport cost as the customer will place a final order after collecting all relevant info related to it.