The Importance Of Custom UI / UX Design In Mobile Apps

The Importance Of Custom UI / UX Design In Mobile Apps

Monday October 09, 2017,

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You may have heard a lot about User Interface (UI) designing and User Experience (UX) , while developing a mobile application or website . These are in fact plays the most crucial part in application development and its success . Most of the people consider UI and UX as same keys of single lock , but it is not so .

A good UX is result of series of searches and experience of user experience designer . When user get connected by app , they need to be satisfied in every aspect whether in terms of usability , ease of use and pleasure provided in the interaction between user and mobile app . UX is consider as end to end interaction with user , and it write your success to .

The UI is presentation of mobile app , including combination of graphic design and look of mobile application .

In order to step up in stairs of success , giving pleasurable experience while interaction with mobile app , as well as visual appeal of mobile application is mandatory . The business owners or entrepreneurs , who is searching for mobile app development company , much access their portfolio and get brief overview of what exactly they are into related to app design and experience , and must choose them accordingly . You can read our article " Tips for hiring mobile app developer " in order to get brief overview of choosing best app development company .

The perfect done UI and UX will help you acquiring more user , gain customer trust and loyalty as well as keeping them engaged with the app for the long time . At Winklix , we believer in delivering the app that is loveable by user , and thus gets featured in app store too . Doing both of them perfectly will strike the right code for the user .

What Matters More : UI Vs UX

Have you ever though what really matter more : UI or UX ? If you are startup , then both needs to be followed simultaneously for perfect balance . Focusing on any one can't target audience in proper way .

If user finds your app interesting and useful , then only they are going to use it . So balancing equally between UI and UX is best way for mobile application development .

Some steps to be followed by designing UI and UX for apps are :

Clearly specifying the purpose of the app .

Optimising the app for multiple devices and screen .

Using appropriate colour schema and combination .

Loading the app with more of visuals and less of text.

Addressing performance glitches properly .

A easy to use navigation panel .

Loading app with limited and best features .


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