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5 Steps to Frame a Foolproof Digital Marketing Strategy

The secret of your success in digital marketing lies in a foolproof digital marketing strategy. Once you’re through with framing an indisputable digital marketing strategy, everything else follows the right path.

5 Steps to Frame a Foolproof Digital Marketing Strategy

Thursday February 16, 2017,

6 min Read

If you’re a marketer who has been wriggling in the digital market for years, you must be well abreast with all the components of digital marketing.There is SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and what not!If you’ve tried all or most of the above-said strategies and still found no luck in improving your organic web traffic, there must be something that you’re doing wrong.

Without a doubt, all of these steps for your digital marketing can be performed by the best service providers. Starting from web content writing services down to the online reputation management services, you can get all of these by selecting the best service providers in the niche.

But even if you spend heavily on availing these services, you can still fall face-down! So, where do you need to work on?

The secret of your success in digital marketing lies in a foolproof digital marketing strategy. Once you’re through with framing an indisputable digital marketing strategy, everything else follows the right path.

So, let’s have a look at the 5 steps to frame a fail safe digital marketing strategy:

1) Know What You Want To Achieve


It’s time for some introspection! If you’re about to execute a digital marketing campaign, what would you want it to achieve? You know the answer to this question and this is what your concrete goal is!

For your digital marketing efforts to bring you the desired results, you need to shoot the arrow in the right direction. Only then will it hit the bull’s eye. So, set your objectives first and then decide how to achieve them.You can cut your goals down into small achievable actions and ultimately, your end-goals will be attained!

Pro Tip: Set up your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) instead of vague objectives. For instance, instead of setting your goal as “Reach More Customers”, you can set your KPI as “Increase the organic traffic by 25% in 2 months”.

When you set your KPIs, it is also easier to measure your performance. You can measure these KPIs with any of the analytics methods available online like – Google Analytics.

2) Don’t Live In the Past, Learn From It!


You might have faced a miserable failure of your digital marketing efforts in the past. It might be a little discouraging as well. But the only thing we can do about the past is – learn from it! And in business, if you do not learn from your past mistakes, your empire might crash down in no time.

Go through the records and activities of marketing performed in the past, say in the last quarter. Through these reports, you can easily get to your loopholes and fix them in your next digital marketing campaign. This way, you will be able to set the objectives that help you do better along with overcoming the mistakes you made in the past!

Pro Tip: Select a prescribed time interval – a year, 6 months, a quarter, or a month. With the help of different tools and techniques, analyze the data related to your marketing efforts during this period.

You can compare your performances with your previous ones, know about your mistakes, and compare your results with that of your competitors. A tool that you can use is Google Benchmarking Reports.

3) Get In The Shoes Of Your Audience


We’re hoping that you already know who your audience is. Because without that, there is no point of all of this! Is there? Now, when you know your audience well, it is easy for you to target them and deliver the digital marketing campaign just the way they like it! You’re right! You have to please them, give them what they require, and tell them about the utility of your products or services.

Know their nerve and hit it right! This can be done when you start to think like your audience. Get into their shoes, adopt their mindset, and speak their language. This way, you will give them what they’re looking for and you’re bound to hit it big!

Pro Tip: Start with knowing all the demographics of your target audience – their age, gender, location, etc. Carry out surveys or research and know what they demand or what they desire. To influence and persuade your customers, you need to know them by heart.

4) List Down Your Resources And Fix A Budget


Run an audit of the resources available to you – the manpower, the digital resources, and funds. However, first things first! You need to frame a reasonable budget for your digital marketing campaign first. After you’re done with it, look for your resources.

Do you have enough means to execute your plan? Do you have the latest technology and skilled workforce apt for your digital marketing campaign? Or do you need to take the help of an outsourcing company? With the answers to these questions, you can finally decide on what resources to use and within what budget.

Pro Tip: It is very important that you decide on a digital marketing budget and stick to it. If you have enough funds and lack the other resources, you can take the help of outsourced strategic internet marketing services.

But if you have the skilled personnel and apt digital resources, you can start with the in-house work.Just make it a point – stick to your budget!

5) Stick To Your Plan But Be Flexible


The plan is set after a lot of research, planning, and work. Will it work? For sure! Will it be flawless? Can’t say! If things don’t seem to go in the right direction, don’t panic. Be flexible to change. It’s not like every fact and figure that you’ve come across is accurate. There can still be some room for a change. So, never be rigid with your plans. The market is changing every day!

With these changes with your customers and with the competition, you need to keep evolving for the best.

Pro Tip: Divide your whole plan in small chunks and execute them one by one. This way you’ll know better as to which part of your plan is flawed and needs change. You can assign timelines for the execution of the plan and analyze each chunk of the plan before executing the other.

After you’re through with these 5 steps, you’re all set to launch your foolproof digital marketing campaign in the market! The best strategy to win is to know your game and knock every other player out with the right technique. That’s the only way to strive to the real success!