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App Store Optimization: Secrets of Popular Apps and Keywords

ASO can elevate app Download and increase visibility in any app store but it takes time. With some basic keyword planning, Anyone can improve their ranking in the app store.

App Store Optimization: Secrets of Popular Apps and Keywords

Friday April 12, 2019,

7 min Read

A million dollar idea and skills of app development could be helpful in creating an attractive app but getting a handsome number of app downloads on the app store is not a piece of cake, putting huge money and valuable time on developing dream apps ended with a showcase app that worthless. While Google play store and Apple app store don’t share their methodology of getting high rank so you need to crack something very hard. ASO is the best tools for increasing visibility of app and boosts download. ASO stands for app store optimization, it helps to improve the visibility of mobile apps in the app store. In this particular article, we are going to reveal the hacks secrets of popular apps and keywords, also addressed the detailed study of how to increase apps download.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization

What Is App Store Optimization & Why It Is Important

While everybody wants to develop own app to marching with the trends, therefore, rush in the app store is getting higher day by day. According to Statista, the number of available apps in the Google play store was only 16K in Dec 2009 and now number keeps rolling to 2600000 till Dec 2018. Don’t waste your precious time in counting the zeros, seriously 2.6 million apps are ample amount to disappear your own dream app in crowded app stores. So it’s necessary to build an app with some marketing to sustain in cut-throat competition.

number of available apps in the Google play

Number of available apps in the Google play

This statics is only to aware you that huge number of app increase on Google play store, and you have to need a unique approach to reach closer to the top rank. Therefore ASO is the only useful tools for you. As mentioned earlier ASO means app store optimization, it is similar to SEO but for mobile apps. It helps applications to improve visibility in the app store and boost download. The more you rank in app store search result, higher chance to engage with the potential customer. ASO help you to convert a user into a potential customer.

How To Improve ASO (App Store Optimization) For Your App

To give a detail case study of ASO, We are taking an example of Gaana App one of the most popular Indian music apps.  

  • Use Keyword in Title - It is a proven SEO technics for generating high traffic and rank almost top of the google page. For research the tools u can use Google Keyword Planner for free. It is very helpful for your app visibility. In the initial phase of every app, people search the category rather than the app name. Here is a perfect example of the keywords used. In the title of the app, first is app name and the second part is a long tail keyword as “ Hindi Tamil Telugu MP3 Songs Online”, this is the most searched keyword in music category (India Region). So add a keyword in your app title rather than just a name.

Use Keyword in Title

Use Keyword in Title

  • Use Catchy Keyword in The Description - Get some keywords related to your app category and try to put it in the app description. For the Apple app store, the keyword field is restricted in only 100 characters so use it wisely, use number in digits, use the comma instead of space. For Google Play Store,  there are two types of a short description(80ch) and full description (4000ch). Try to use catchy keywords in starting and ending of the full description.

  • Insert App Video in Screenshots - An Appealing video can change the user's mind and force them to download.  To get the best result you can use a subtitle or copy writing in the video. It’s good to design text base video because most of the users have default mute setting. So go through a creative roller coaster to engage the users. See how Gaana obtains one line content “Stream unlimited songs for free” to attract users to download.
App Video in Screenshots

App Video in Screenshots

  • Use HQ Informatic Screenshots - To sustain in the app store you have to march with trends and the high-quality Screenshots are in trending. There are many tools available to design beautiful mockups, one of the popular tools is Figma. So try to insert attractive high-quality screenshots in order to engage users and appeal them to download the apps.
HQ Informatic Screenshots

HQ Informatic Screenshots

  • Use App Store Analytics - App store analytics is similar to Google Analytics, As we know Google analytics is suitable for optimizing the marketing tactics for web pages but now it is available for the mobile app too. Apple develops an app store analytics for their own users. There are many other app store analytics are available for mobile app marketing, i.e. Sensor Tower, Appfigures, APPlyzer, AppAnnie and many more.

  • Encourage Positive Review - Reviews can be the most emotion marketing tools for your app. A bunch of positive reviews can increase the chance of downloading apps. We all are habitual to examine the review before downloading any application. Insist your users for feedback and positive review.

  • Icon Design & Colour - Icon of your app is the only identity in users mind, More catchy design means more engaging users. An icon is the only way to stand out unique and reliable among millions of apps on the Google app store. Colour of the icon and screenshots or mockups are also a vital factor touser's the user's attention. Keep matching the colour with the theme of your app believe us it helps.

How Popular Brand Use App Store Optimization

As we know the popular digital brand has strong marketing tactics but still, many popular brands take care of ASO in their apps. Messenger, eBay, Gaana, Amazon, and a much more renowned brand in this list. It’s your turn to jump on the bandwagon and make the best chance to reach closer to the top. Choose the Apt Category in the App Store to make headway. According to statista, Most popular Apple app store category is the Game based app (24.8%), the second most popular category is Business (9.77%) and the third rank sustain by Education (8.5%). Music, food and shopping category shares below 3% each on Apple app store.

Tips To Increase App Store Download

Almost every app owners have one question in their mind how to develop profitable apps and they keep scrolling the internet to solve it out. For increase app store download, ASO and good category can be helpful.

  • Allow Users For Free Download
  • Use ASO Like A Professional
  • Find Suitable App Category
  • Find Apt App Store For Your App
  • Increase visibility on Google Play
  • Try Marketing Tactics for your App
  • Insist User for Feedback & Review
  • Localize Your App By Language

In A Nutshell

While we are wrapping up with detail information about app store optimization and how it works for you. ASO can elevate your app success and increase visibility in the app store but it takes time. With some basic knowledge of keyword planning, Anyone can improve their ranking in the app store. Always focus on attractive screenshots while posting in the Apple app store, for Google play store the icon and graphics are more important. Hope this tiny information about App Store optimization will work for your app. Being a member of leading mobile application development company, we will like to wish you all the best for your app, by putting these tactics on priority, your App will surely reach closer to the top. Keep SHARING this piece of content with your best one. Your comments are always appreciable.