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Ways to Attract Niche Customer, to your Shopify Store

Ways to Attract Niche Customer, to your Shopify Store

Thursday May 02, 2019,

3 min Read

We all fight desperately to get customer’s attention in this age of advertising. And this fight is -and- always going to be bad good for you or else your competitors.

Shopify is growing day by day. Which is good news for all the online sellers using the platform, but eventually it’s also a hint that your competition of getting niche traffic will also rise.

Thus in this short article let’s see what are some of the best ways to attract niche customers – to your Shopify store.

Knowing your target Audience

Knowing and recognizing who purchases, or will purchase your items is requisite to enable you to magnify your degree of profitability and content effectiveness.

It is not always preferable for niche business to launch a product first, then look for the customers. Instead, you can create ‘Buyer Persona’ which would help you to filter or narrow down your “ideal customer”.

The more precise and detailed your Buyer Personas are, the better you’ll be able to know and target your audience.

Your target audience must be a human right? And if you’re reading this then I guess you’re human too lol. The point is sometimes identifying your niche customer, just means resolving a problem for yourself.

For example: Identify what are the daily problems you’re facing currently in your life (except your love or feelings!). And how you can overcome from it by purchasing or ordering a product “online”.

Analyze your Inventory

Analyzing your inventory would give you a brief knowledge about - what type of products your prospect or customers are searching for. Thus ultimately, you will have the idea of which product to target to which customers.

Shopify has got some great apps and plugins in their app store, which would minimize your troublesome task, of not only managing and fulfilling the orders but also give you the insights on which product of yours is trending.

These inventory management apps also help you plan the inventory so that you don’t overstock or under-stock the items you’re selling. Thus you’ll have the right product- in the right quantity -in inventory to target your- right audience.

Write guest posts for sites, within your niche

Yes, this thing may sound a bit time consuming but it has proved to very effective strategy if you want to target your niche buyers.

Let's say your Shopify store is selling ‘Mobile and its Accessories’. In this case, you can search all the other websites (whose SEO ranking is higher) which are selling almost identical products, then approach them to write guest posts for their website. In return, all you need is to provide a backlink(s) to your Shopify’s store.

Because search engines favor websites that have a healthy back link profile. Even your domain authority automatically increase as you gain more links to your website. Niche customer would naturally get attracted to your Shopify store as your SEO rank improves.

In Conclusion

Attracting a niche customer base is not at all a cake walking task. However, casting a wide network all over the internet can drain your resources and time.

Instead, do things that your competitors have never thought of. Being different is your strength. It’s a powerful tool that will give your business a serious advantage over the competition.

The niche customer base is an evergreen source of sales, as they don't mind paying a little extra because they know what they are paying for.