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How to Get the Most Out of Your Last Two Weeks of 2017

Did you achieve everything in 2017 as you planned for? or it could have been a little better because you didn’t stick to the previous year’s resolution.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Last Two Weeks of 2017

Tuesday December 19, 2017,

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by quotefancy

by quotefancy

This article was originally published on HapRamp Blog.

A lot of us get this feeling that time flew by so quickly and here we are, approaching the year-end. It’ll be 2018 in a couple of weeks.

Every New-Year is a chance for a fresh start.

The beauty of 31st December celebration is that we cut through the clutter throughout the year with ease, just to HIT RESET for a crisp start from the 1st Jan. Luckily the 1st-January is on Monday this time. I’m already excited for a Monday morning run on the first day of 2018.

While Google, YouTube, Uber, and every other company coming up with their year-in-review videos. It’s time for you to write your own year-review and let’s see how you can make the most out of these remaining two weeks of 2017.

It’ll also ensure that your 2018 doesn’t end up with the same feelings.

Call To Action

Here are 4 tried and tested activities that will help you make most out of 2017 in the remaining two weeks.

1. Start The New-Year Resolution Now

Only 8% of the people accomplish their New-Year’s Resolution. 

And there is a strong reason for that. You need one additional trait other than the excitement of the new-year to do justice to your Resolutions, that is ‘Consistency’.

Just plan and pick you Resolution and get into the zone two weeks before 2018This one simple hack can do wonders for your broken Resolution streak.

2. Questions to ask for the self-reflection

This is a feel-good activity to give positive reinforcement.

A carefully chosen list of questions that you need to write down along with your answers to them. This activity is for self-evaluation.

Self-evaluation makes room for self-evolution.

The Questions —

1. What my resolutions were for 2017?

2. To what extent did I achieve them?

3. What are the new things that I learned?

4. The best moment from 2017.

5. The worst moment in 2017.

6. What are my achievements in 2017? 

7. What did I fail to achieve this year? 

8. Am I conscious of my health every day? 

9. What are my Plans for 2019?

Add more questions as you need for a comprehensive self-evaluation.

3. Say “Thank You”

The attitude of gratitude.

As Tony Robbins puts it ‘Proximity is Power’. Physical proximity is one of the strongest and best way to get anywhere. The success depends a lot on the people around you.

Take some time out in these last weeks to acknowledge the people in your life. Saying ‘Thank you’ is the least you can do for them.

4. Write an Email to Your Future Self

Go to FutureMe.org and write an email to your future self. You can also schedule it to receive after 1, 3 or 5 years.

You may write whatever you want to but here is my format —

Dear FutureMe,

I hope you are doing __________.

I am very sure you are doing __________.

Keep doing __________.

I know you are alive 😘

- Rajat from 2017

If you schedule your email using this service, that will surprise you in 2019. And it’s the best way to plan your self-expectation.

You are never late to set another goal or to dream a new dream