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Now the common man can fly - not because flight fares are cheaper but cancellation is FREE

Tuesday March 28, 2017,

2 min Read

People are travelling by train just because they cannot afford instant flight fares which are too high as compared to their budget

Advance Purchase fares are almost same as compare to train but are non-refundable due to which people again think of risk if they would not be able to travel on future planned dates.

However, these innovative concept is completely opposite which will allow you to book as many days in advance with lowest best possible rates and if due to any reason you are not able to fly on same day it allows you to get your tickets cancelled and get full refundable .

Best part is there are extra condition or hidden charges simply people can book and cancel to get refund instantly.

Now people don't have to think much about there vacation plan or friends and family occasion , visiting native etc . all can book in advance as much as they can and travel at best price or can cancel and refund free if not able to attend .

Not only cancellation but changes are also free .

These all new innovative concept is first Online Travel agency in india which will allow you to not only change date or time but flights.

Yes carrier change from one airline to other airline is possible and that to without any cost , eg . Jet airways to vistaara or indigo , goair ,or any airline.

Now queue for Train tickets will be less as you have risk free air booking on the go .

Why one should get upset by missing tatkal booking and looking at instant high flight fares .

So dont look just book in advance get the tickets enjoy every moment of life attend all unplanned /planned meetings , vacation . occasion cancel refundfree

It suits business man as well

Not sure wheather to attend delhi or bangalore office for next quarter review.

But anyhow have to attend one centre according to business performance ?What refundfree suggest is book in advance both the tickets which will be too much cheaper and according to situation get either or both tickets cancelled at nil penalty .

Save cost save more for your business

Now airline dont have to worry about seat occupancy as people will majorly contribute for same.