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The Best WordPress Themes I used in my Blogging Career

Thursday January 19, 2017,

3 min Read

Blogging is now my favorite thing to do because It's My Passion and it makes me real money ;)

There are many things which a Blogger needs to do with his websites like setting up Wordpress, Writing Articles and Choosing a theme which is the best for your blog or website.

Choosing the best theme for your blog can be a tough decision sometimes because every theme has its Pros and Cons. Choosing the best theme for your blog is crucial if you need returning visitors because once a wise man said -

"First Impression is the Last Impression."

 I see many people struggling to choose themes, and that is the reason I am contributing this post.

The Best WordPress Themes I Used in My Blogging Career.

I would be listing out themes which will be the best for your blog. If you know any such themes which you think deserve to be on this list, then feel free to comment down below :).So, Let's start our List!

Frontier - The Best Theme to Get your Blog Load Fast!

Frontier is a great theme which is excellent for Search Engine Optimization because this theme loads up quickly and as we all know, Google loves the Website which loads faster ;) This Theme also increases Google AdSense Click Through Rate to earn you some more $$ ;)

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ReHub Theme - The Best Theme if you own an Affiliate Site!

Rehub is another great theme which I use for almost all my affiliate and Amazon Niche Sites because it offers a lot of great features and it is also easy to use and easy to customize! It offers a great feature which helps you to increase conversions too!

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Newspaper Theme - Best Theme If you love to Customize your Blog

I Don't have much experience with this theme, but it can be an excellent choice if you would love to make your blog look awesome and make it customizable, but The only thing I don't like about this theme is it takes quite a bit time to load when applied to a blog or website.

Zerif Lite - Best Theme if you own a One Page Website!

There are many people out there who own a single page micro-niche or niche websites, and this is the best theme I would suggest them! This theme provides an excellent layout which somehow increases CTR, and this theme also gives a decent amount of Page Load Time.

Shopisle Theme - Best Theme for eCommerce Websites -

To Be honest, I don't own any eCommerce Website, but I have many friends of mine who own, and they suggested me this theme. This Theme has many excellent features, and It has also had a very good layout which I am sure will increase conversions!


This is the end of this article, and I hope that I somehow helped you in choosing a theme for your blog. Please Share this article if it helped you and felt free to comment down below if you have any doubts or questions regarding this topic.

Stay Tuned.

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