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20 best candies from around the World

Almost everyone has a sweet tooth and you may have sometimes given in to what your inner child desires the most; a nice helping of your favorite candy.

Monday August 21, 2017,

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Halloween is a widely celebrated festival around the world. It also marks the day when people all over the world buy candies the most for the processions throughout the day as well as in parties, feasts and trick or treating. Almost everyone has a sweet tooth and you may have sometimes given in to what your inner child desires the most; a nice helping of your favorite candy.

Your preference of sweets may be flavored candy or simply plain, and your nearest candy shop will almost always be able to satisfy your craving. Following is a list of some candies(in no particular order), which are regarded as very popular from around the world:

1. Massmogge is a sweet candy that’s from Switzerland. Made in Basel, it’s a sugary and creamy shell stuffed with hazelnut praline. They are quite colorful and a joy to eat.

2. Mozartkugel is a candy which is a commemoration of one it’s most famous residents, Mozart. These are small, ball-shaped shells filled with nougat and chocolate, and a special concoction of marzipan.

3. Japanese Kit Kats You must be familiar with the normal, brown, chocolate covered Kit Kats, but this is Kit Kat with a fruity twist with versions like strawberry, green tea, mango, etc. available in any regular candy shop.

4. Tunnocks Tea Cakes is a specialty privy to those living in Scotland. It’s a very fluffy and sweet candy and has a chocolate and marshmallow covering on shortbread bits. It can be obtained at candy stores in Europe too.

5. Krembanan is a chocolate candy found in Norway. Filled with jelly and banana cream, it’s designed in the shape of an actual Banana.

6. Nestle Aero Peppermint bar is a unique bubble -textured choco filled with mint and covered in chocolate. It has maintained its popularity since its launch in the UK after the 70’s.

7. Meiji Strawberry Chocolates Is a popular sweat treat made in Japan. It is a combination of strawberry and chocolate which will surely win you over in a single bite.

8. Mix Fruit Candy by Shadani Group in India is a high quality flavored candy. It includes all the types of flavors like strawberry, orange, pineapple, etc. and can be found on the online candy store.

9. The Crunchie is a popular Cadbury candy found in the UK. Its characteristic crunch, every time you bite into its honey-toffee center, is very popular.

10. Kinder Surprise is a rich chocolate egg with a creamy center. It comes with a complimentary toy and is manufactured by Ferrero in Italy.

11. Marianne is a peppermint candy with a chocolate center. It’s a popular flavored candy in Finland made by Fazer.

12. Brigadeiros is a particular chocolate found in Brazil’s candy shops. They are fudge balls made of condensed milk, cocoa and butter with ample chocolate sprinkle coatings.

13. Chicken Bones is one cinnamon flavored candy you should definitely try out. Made in Canada by Ganong, it’s a bittersweet chocolate with a crunchy crust.

14. If you are someone who enjoys a Snickers bar every now and then, the Cadbury Double Decker is the right candy bar for you. Made in the UK, it’s all that you taste in a snickers bar with an extra layer of cereal for a crunch.

15. Chatpati Candy is a tangy, flavored candymade and found in India by the Shadani group. It’s known for its remarkable spicy but sweet flavor and it is good for your digestion as well.

16. The Cadbury Cherry Ripe is a coconut based dark chocolate bar filled with juicy, ripe cherries. It’s an old recipe prepared in Australia since the 1900s.

17. Made from the Chinese hawthorn fruit, Haw Flakes is a disk shaped candy. It’s sweet but also packs quite the tart punch that you can handle.

18. HariboDragibus is a found in candy shops all over France. It’s very much similar to jelly beans, only rounder, and comes in fruity colors and flavors.

19. If you are looking for candies that remind you of the tropics, Pascall Pineapple Lumps are for you. These are pineapple flavored chewy candies found in New Zealand.

20. Maynards Wine Gums are a flavored candy from the UK. These are firm but chewy gummy candies, which are flavored according to different alcohols like champagne, sherry, etc.

There are a lot more interesting and unique flavors of candies and chocolates waiting to be discovered by you. Now you know which candy you will find if you ever visit any of the countries we listed above.