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Battle of Animation And Live-Videos - Glance At Pros And Cons

It is such a battleground. You can say that it is one of the never-ending debate. What should you pick? Live videos or animation?

Monday September 17, 2018,

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Animation vs. live-videos!

It is such a battleground.  You can say that it is one of the never-ending debate.

What should you pick? Live videos or animation?

While making a video animation for the business, you have to think of the message you want to convey.

Not every time live-action videos are suitable for your message similarly, not everytime animated videos are good for your business.

It solely depends on your message. Your message decides whether the animated videos are suitable for it or the live videos are suitable for your message.

Pros and cons of live videos

Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of the live videos first.


Human touch

It is necessary to give a human touch to your brand so that people build up an association easily. Nothing comes parallel to the live action videos. Videos in which human emotions are shown gather the massive appreciation and engage the audience.

If your business involves more of the human interaction, it is highly impossible that a video animation will grab the attention of your customers.

For instance; you own a hotel and now you want to promote it. Of course, you can’t go for animation as it will not convey the desired message. Hotel business involves more of the human interaction. If you want to promote it, you can’t do it without a live video.

Gives you a real feel

If your product is tangible; like you own a company and sell burgers, the taste of your burgers matter here. You can’t express the real feeling unless a human is there in the video. On the contrary, you can explain it via live video.

Live action will make it clear how the product looks like and how does it taste like. USP of your product is its taste; how would you explain it in the form of animation? You can’t! That is why you have to take help of the live-video here.



Live videos are not easy to make as they are pretty expensive. You have chosen a location then you have to hire actors, after it you have to make sure that the message is being conveyed properly. Trust us; the proper delivery of message is the real deal.

Please don’t make a mistake of going for it if you are running on a low budget. Location, finding actors, getting a director costs you so much. Surely, those people who are budget constrained can’t afford such an expensive deal.

You can’t change the live action videos

Once you are done with the filming of the video, you can’t change it. This is the major problem with live action videos. After shooting the whole video if you don’t like something that is the part of the video you can’t change it.

If you go for the option of reshooting; it is pretty time consuming moreover it is costly as well.

Pros and cons of animation

Some pros and cons of animation are


Animations are simple yet convey the message

It is an amazing thing about animation. One can convey the complex ideas easily with the help of animation.

For instance; you have a complex product now you want to tell its technicalities. The best way to do it is to take the help of animation.

Since it is easy to demonstrate complex concepts in the form of animation, companies prefer to use it for marketing their products.

You can convey the abstract ideas easily

The animation is perfect for conveying the abstract ideas. Suppose that you have something in your mind that doesn’t actually exist; nothing can represent your idea other than the animation.

Animation lets you convey your ideas easily with the help of moving objects, icons and pictures.


Time taking

Sometimes the production time of animation exceeds a lot. If the animated video is pretty complex, then it can take days to complete. Surely, the length of the video matters here, but the nature of the video goes hand in hand here.

The decision is yours!

Here; we concluded the debate for you. Now, see the nature of your message and then decide whether you need a live action video or the animation will serve the purpose. If your idea is complex, then nothing can be better than conveying it in the form of an animated video. You can contact a good animation companies in Karachi to do the job for you because only professionals know how to do their work professionally. 

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