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5 ways I learned to relax during my stressful job search

When I lost my job I was so stressed, and I am sure I am not the first person to experience extreme stress, and depression from losing their job. Here are 5 ways I learned to relax during my new job search. 

5 ways I learned to relax during my stressful job search

Thursday August 10, 2017,

4 min Read


The majority of stress caused in the United States is almost always job-related. No matter if it’s stress from working or your job search, it can prevent workers from having a stress-free experience at their place of work.

However, when you have to inevitably job search, there are a number of causes for stress to occur. In fact, recent studies have even proved that over 90 percent of adults fear their own interview. An additional 75 percent feared that they may be overqualified for the position they’re applying for.

Plus, stress can do far more harm than you realize, it can actually cause both mental and physical effects on your body if you regularly face stress at your job. To help you solve this harmful condition, here are our top recommended tips to relax during your stressful job search:

1. Located Where My Stress Originates

Although there can be hundreds of different stresses you can face during your job search, being rejected from an employer can take a toll on your mental state. However, by contacting your hiring manager and seeing why you got rejected can ease your mind and relieve your stress. Plus, you’ll now know why you were rejected in the first place and can improve yourself for future job opportunities.

2. Became Thankful For What I Have

No matter if you already have a job or are currently unemployed, you should always be thankful for the career you have. Honestly, anything can change at any moment. Being thankful for what you have can put your mind in a better state of being which can help you land better jobs for yourself.

3. Contacted a Close Friend

Reaching out to a friend you can trust can easily de-stress your life. It’s much easier to get stressed than relieve it. People that are close to you can help calm you down and reorganize your thoughts. Plus, your friends can even help you with your job search if you’re struggling with it.

4. Learned How To Not Take Rejection Personally

Rejection is an unavoidable part of searching for a new job. It does not matter how skilled you are, there could always be someone who is better suited for a job than you. However, you must also remember that you are also more suited for some jobs than others, too.

Getting rejected is a part of life and it is important that you learn to deal with it. Try turning your rejection into a positive and learn from the experience. Ask the hiring manager for feedback on your resume or interview. This way, you can see where you succeeded and where you need to improve. Don’t be shocked if you do not receive the feedback you ask for. Hiring managers have demanding jobs and they may not have the time to give you the feedback you desire. The important thing is that you try to learn something from the experience. This way, you can turn the negative into a positive.

5. Did Something to Take My Mind Off the Job Search

Sometimes the best thing you can do in a stressful situation is to take a break. Walk away from your job search, do something that will relax you, and step back with fresh eyes. Different relaxation techniques work for different people.

For some, visualization, meditation, and yoga can work. For someone else, they can relax best when watching a movie. And for others still, relaxation comes when they can grab their vape tank and atomizer and just chill. It does not matter what you use to relax, as long as you do something.

With the competitive state of today’s job market, it is no wonder so many people feel stressed out by their job search. However, it is crucial to remember to talk to a friend, visualize your success, and relax. You will find a new job, it just takes time.