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Best CCleaner Alternatives to Speed up Your Windows PC in 2020

Best CCleaner Alternatives to Speed up Your Windows PC in 2020

Thursday May 14, 2020,

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We all love computers and we want them to be always in, up and running condition. Even a single computer system is quite costly and no one wants them to not work at their full potential. To keep their performance in check and also to help with maintenance, system optimizing programs were created. And since then, there has been a lot of, and I mean a lot of programs were created and sold for the sole purpose. CCleaner is one of the best utility programs available in the market and for a long time it has maintained its reputation by keeping up the performance. But are there many good programs like CCleaner which are quite good and do the job. These CCleaner alternative programs work well with Windows 10. So if you are wondering and looking for some of the best software like CCleaner in the market. Here are some of the reliable programs you can choose from. Have a look.

Best CCleaner Alternatives For Windows in 2020

1.Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced system optimizer

First on our list is a powerful tuneup tool which is compatible with almost all the in-market versions of Windows OS. It digs deep into the file structure of your system and scans out all the junk and useless files which takes up the space and slows down the performance and speed of your system. If you are a gamer or a movie editor then you would know how important it is for a computer to work without any hindrance. Advanced System Optimizer provides you with distraction-free gaming experience. You can also switch from your gaming machine to your PC quite easily. 

Updating drivers? No issues. This application can handle it efficiently. Automatically updated drivers and an updated PC also reduces the chances of system crashes, enhancing the stability. Afraid of malware attack? Worry no more, Advanced System optimizer can detect and delete malwares, junk programs and can help you keep your personal and sensitive data safe and secure. 

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2.Avast Cleanup

avast cleanup

Second on the list we have a cleanup utility software from Avast. The antivirus software company has been around for some time now and has built its reputation as one of the best. The program built by the dedicated team of designers, works quite effectively. You can use it to quickly clean your computer from any junk files, useless or incorrect registry entries, broken shortcut icons, detect and successfully remove any unknown malware and third party applications which may have been installed without your knowledge, etc.

Avast Cleanup also provides its users with a monitor of the system's health. It can also update old softwares in your system which may be the underlying cause of crash and system failure. 

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3.AVG Tuneup

AVG Tuneup

Next on our list is software like CCleaner is, AVG Tuneup. It is again, from the house of a renowned Antivirus company. This application uses sleep technology which helps increase processing speed and performance of the system. It can also be used to boost up the disk cleaning process and web browsing speed.

You can update all the softwares in your computer with just one click and even the AVG tuneup itself. The deep clean feature gets you total control of your system where you can fix registry errors, clean junk files and bloatwares, browser history and cache, etc. It can also fix bugs and prevent crashes, saving your data, time and a lot of resources.

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4.Clean Master For PC


Fourth on our list is a program which is equally popular in smartphones as it is in computer users. It is a powerful tool which has the ability to scan and clean 1000 programs. You can delete unnecessary files, junk folders, bloatware, etc with just a single click. The simple user interface is just another great feature, making it easy to use and operate. It can also be used to fix hundred thousands of drivers, clean browsing history and also destroy files which may prove harmful for your computer. Clean Master for PC is quite a great choice when you are looking for a small and lightweight program to boost your system’s performance.

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Do you also feel like there is something more you can remove from your computer? Do you also believe that even after all the third party apps are kicked away, there can be more space made if some of the factory default programs were removed? If you answered yes to both the questions then this application will definitely fall according to your tastes. CleanMyPC can work like any other cleanup utility software in the market, but it can also help you detect and remove programs which are pre-installed, softwares, which manufacturers or sellers install without your permission. 

Apart from its normal functionality, it can also be used to boost the boot-up process of your system and remove unused add ons.

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6.Glary Utilities

glary utilities

So next on our list of cleanup softwares is, Glary Utilities. This app has been loved by the users because of all its features and its capabilities. It can be used as a registry cleaner, spyware detector, performance enhancer, memory manager, etc. It has an amazing disc clean up tool and can fix crashes and bugs like no other. It has a big array of tools at its disposal which you can use to tuneup and optimize your PCs performance as you wish.

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Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic

Next on our list is Iolo System Mechanic and as its name goes, it does a great job of tweaking your system accordingly. It scans and detects unwanted and unused programs in your system which are draining the memory and deletes them, freeing up space for the programs that you want. It also increases the performance of your system by increasing the speed of the CPU and hard disk. Want to fix you drivers? Iolo System Mechanic has got you covered? Slow internet speed, give this app a chance before you call in your ISP. This multi-utility program can be used to solve most of the common problems which computer users face. 

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So these were some the best CCleaner alternatives that I wanted to share with you. There are always alternatives to CCleaner available in the market but these programs have maintained stability and also the performance and hence are on the list. 

Hope it helps!

Thanks for reading!