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Create A Winning Sales Strategy Presentation In 5 Easy Steps

Create A Winning Sales Strategy Presentation In 5 Easy Steps

Thursday January 31, 2019,

3 min Read

How many times have you seen a presentation and exclaimed WOW! Most of you would answer either in the negative or maybe have come across a well-made presentation just once or twice in your entire professional life. Have you ever wondered why? Well, that’s because generally people make presentations like a text novel with the highlights stuffed in each slide. That’s an awful way of creating a presentation. Especially when you’re creating a sales strategy presentation, you can’t afford to be ordinary. You have got this one chance to win a customer, and you should do whatever it takes to get that ppt right and leave no other option for your prospect than to choose YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE. Now how do you ensure that your PowerPoint presentation design is simply the best and your prospect is going to hire no one but YOU? Well, here’s a lowdown.

5 Steps to Create a Sales Presentation that Wins Customers

1. Customize your presentation FOR the prospect

One of the biggest blunders people make while presenting a sales pitch is using a generic presentation. We all have fallen prey to this vice but it’s never too late to learn. Make your presentation relevant to your prospect’s unique requirements and issues. 

Pro Tip: You can place the prospect’s logo on your slides while offering a solution that is tailored to their needs. 

2. Develop a connection between the prospect and your product/service

Building a connection to show how your product is going to change your prospect’s life is a crucial step. For instance, rather than filling up slides with your product’s features, why not hand a prototype to them and let them explore your offering. If it’s not possible, consider discussing the benefits of your product/service with the client instead of simply listing down the features. 


3. Talk more about your prospect than talking about only you or your organisation

Don’t go on and on in self-praise as you talk about how your product is the best in the market. Seasoned sales professionals know that they need to focus on the client’s world first, and then gradually put the spotlight on their product when they are proposing a solution to the prospect’s problem. 

4. Use the SCR approach

Break down your sales strategy presentation into three major chunks - Situation, Complication and Resolution. The Situation shows the current scenario of the prospect while the Complication part highlights what can go wrong for the prospect if they continue to be in that situation. The Resolution is your company’s master stroke - the proposed solution that can help the prospect fix their problems. 

5. Support your claims with valid stats/examples

No amount of coaxing and impressive shenanigans will work if you don’t back your claims with valid and strong supporting material. A testimonial, an example, statistics or data extracted from a study - all these help strengthen your case.

No fancy PowerPoint presentation design can win you customers if you don't offer them what you've got in the right way. Just keep these pointers in mind the next time you present a sales proposal and see the difference!

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