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Best PC Cleaner and Optimizer Software For Windows in 2022

Want to optimize your PC for best performance? Here is a list of some of the best PC cleaner software for Windows 11, 10.

Why Do You Need A PC Cleaner Software?

Nothing can beat a brand new PC which performs all the tasks swiftly and with ease. And, that’s because it is a clean slate. But, then as time passes, it accumulates all sorts of junk files, drivers start to get outdated and malware starts to creep in. And, that’s not it, there are several other issues too which can take a huge toll on the speed of the computer.

10 Best PC Cleaner For Windows in 2022

1. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is a feature rich and powerful optimization and cleanup tool for your Windows PC. It easily takes care of all the optimization needs of your computer.

It has a disk optimizer and cleaner which helps in removing junk files from PC and allocating data in a better manner, thereby defragging the hard drive. The same module even helps prevent unexpected slowdowns and crashes too.

Another aspect that could be slowing your PC down are the privacy and security issues. With this PC cleaning utility you can delete all those cookies and browsing histories which might put your privacy in jeopardy.

Advanced System Optimizer is a Windows PC Cleaner that also doubles up as a game optimizer as well and it significantly improves the gaming performance of your PC. Last but not the least, there is also a backup and recovery option where you can restore and recover accidently deleted files.

2. Piriform CCleaner

CCleaner’s interface is the one to look out for. It is well designed and lists all the elements of Windows optimization at a glance which you might not find in native Windows.

It has for long been hailed as the best PC cleaner for Windows 10. It deeply cleans all the nooks and crannies of your PC that many other cleaner apps cannot. It frees up disk space and it is extremely easy to use.

If you opt for the premium version you get additional features such as scheduling cleanup as per your desires and real time protection. Although, you get most features with the free version as well. With the free version you can remove temporary files, unwanted cookies and browser caches too.

3. CleanMyPC

If there is one full fledged Windows PC cleaner that stands above the rest, it has to be CleanMyPC. It deeply scans your entire Windows PC and cleans all log and cache files, thereby increasing the speed of your PC.

One of the best aspects of this PC is that once you have installed the cleaner app, it cleans all the residues that occur when you uninstall an app. Additionally, it even clears unwanted registry and manages startup items as well.

Other than that it even permanently cuts down on unnecessary extensions, erases files securely in a way that they can’t again be retrieved and protects your online privacy and even manages your web privacy.

4. AVG PC TuneUp

AVG is a brand that needs no introduction. It helps in enhancing the browsing speed, increase PC performance and comprehensively cleanup disk all in just 1 click. To begin with it empowers you to clear up more than 200 apps.

It has a browser cleaner that helps remove all the browsing traces with the help of which you can prevent your online privacy from coming on stake. It has a dedicated disk cleaner that deep cleans your hard drive.

Apart from removing junk, AVG PC TuneUp automatically clears unwanted registries. Knowing that system needs to be updated, you won’t have to worry about manually updating your system, AVG PC TuneUp would do it for you.

5. AusLogics BoostSpeed

This PC cleaner for Windows 10 takes a whole different perspective when it comes to cleaning Windows. It performs tasks in such a manner that not just the junk is cleaned but the speed of the PC is also enhanced. It also ensures that the PC is optimized in such a manner that there are no crashes.

AusLogics BoostSpeed works on a real time basis. It encounters temporary files, unused error logs and other junk files in real-time and removes them to keep the system running at the top speed.

One thing that makes this Windows PC cleaner stand apart is the fact that it offers automatic processor and memory management tools. While on one hand it works as an astounding cleaner app on the other it removes all the browsing cache and traces which otherwise can open gates to web miscreants.

6. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Another great PC cleaning utility is Ashampoo WinOptimizer that uses every trick in the hat to optimize your PC. If you wonder why to have another junk cleaner for PC, that’s because junk cleaner like AshampooOptimizer enlists all the optimizing functions in one menu itself.

What differentiates Ashampoo WinOptimizer makes you totally aware of the issues that are there in your PC. It takes it up a step further and explains to you what exactly the issues are and what needs to be done to resolve those issues. It cleans broken registry items, browser cookies and other junk files that can easily clutter your PC.

Apart from completely cleaning your PC. WinOptimizer also includes modules to manage startup process and defrag harddrive so that storage can be allocated well.

7. PC Booster

Comes with both free and paid features. Once you have installed, the PC booster automatically scans your PC for all the junk and other performance issues. While the free version enables you to scan just 10% if you wish to do a complete scan you will have to purchase the full version.

The junk that PC booster cleans and quickly scans comes in the form of cached records, junk and temporary files, registry entries. Apart from that, your PC even collects residues when you perform activities. PC Booster even helps you get rid of such entries.

The PC cleaner for Windows 10 comes with deep and quickly scanning options, startup manager, a duplicate finder and the best part is you can see the menus, settings and other aspects in your own language as it comes with 20 languages.

8. Norton Utilities Premium

Norton Utilities Premium is undoubtedly one of the best PC cleaning utilities available for Windows. It has been magnificently engineered to take care of all the cleaning and optimization needs of your PC which make it perform nicely.

First, there is an uninstaller which helps you keep a track of all those files, folders and programs which are redundant and which your PC no longer needs. It has smart algorithms that help fix all the issues which could be causing crashes or slowdown.

9. IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare is an easy to use junk cleaner for PC which comes loaded with some of the best tools to clean the junk out of your PC and take care of its several optimization needs.

To start with this windows PC cleaner is highly customizable. You can install programs that you want and discard all those which are not required. As for cleaning up the temp files, cache, broken registries and all the unwanted residues of files and folders, there is an Auto cleaner.

It corrects all the errors on your hard drive with the help of its slick yet simple dashboard.

10. iolo System Mechanic

iolo system mechanic helps clean junk and repair over 30000 problems which can lead to a slow working PC. It lists out all the problems in greater detail and then recommends the fixes. In turn it renders a PC which has a spectacular boot time and improved and updated drivers and top performing RAM.

As a PC Cleaner Software it detects all those unwanted startup items that could be slowing down your PC. It also optimizes the various internet settings tweaking which can increase your browsing speed multifold. Talking of browsing, it wipes of all browsing cache and patches that can make your PC vulnerable to attacks.


A PC cleaner software doesn’t just make your life easy by cleaning excess junk from your computer but does a variety of other tasks like optimizing your PC for best performance and removing malware and viruses as well.