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BizKonnect’s actionable sales intelligence solution enables growth of its 700+ global customers.

Growth of its 700+ global customers

BizKonnect’s actionable sales intelligence solution enables growth of its 700+ global customers.

Thursday December 06, 2018,

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BizKonnect, a rapidly growing actionable sales intelligence startup, announced crossing a significant milestone of signing its 700th customer. The company saw an year of accelerated growth and added more than 100 new customers in less than 9 months. This year, it also expanded its business offering to provide sales intelligence to the e-Learning and e-Commerce technology companies in addition to its well established HR and Hospitality technology markets. Its personalized email campaign service, which leverages its research platform in an assisted service model, continued to be very popular with the sales teams. It is also getting an excellent traction to its new offering - “Event based campaigns”, where it helps sales and marketing executives to have pre-scheduled meetings in the conferences and make their event participation very productive.


The company’s strategy has been to fuel rapid growth by replicating its proven business model into multiple business units. This helped the company to not only expand the customer base but also leverage its products, processes and people across the multiple offerings. The model is helping the company to scale up exponentially maintaining good profitability and high customer satisfaction. The company has been leveraging the same belief for its scaling which it advocates to its customer - “People do business with someone they trust and the best scalable way to build the trust with prospects is to leverage the business connections.”

The company has invested significantly into building a strong product suite. Its personalized email campaign workbench continues to expand with additional features such as action alerts and internal semantic search. The company launched its first self-service sales intelligence tool, ATSKonnect, for the internal use and plans to roll it out to the selected customers. The tool is a browser extension which tells the user which recruitment solution ( Applicant Tracking Software ) is used by a company. The tool leverages Semantic search technologies and NLP to gather the web sales intelligence.

The company’s investment in research and development has allowed it to remain ahead of the curve in terms of technologies leveraged in its solutions. It has helped the company to build scalable robust products with the latest technologies. The company’s database has expanded multifold and crossed 20 Mn global companies out of which it has already processed 4Mn for the sales intelligence and plans to process 2 Mn companies per month.


BizKonnect is now working on launching the service desk for its customers which will scale up its delivery capability ensuring even better customer service and quality. Along with expanding its customer base and product offerings, the company has grown to have 110 associates with 80 of them in Pune and 15 each in its small town centers in Aurangabad and Goa. It continues to invest in its innovative operational model to increase efficiency keeping its high quality standards.

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