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How Can You Boost Mobile App Marketing With These Social Media Strategies?

You have social media channels to reach out to your audience and create buzz easily and with little to no expense. For your app marketing, social media channels can really play the most important role.

How Can You Boost Mobile App Marketing With These Social Media Strategies?

Sunday March 15, 2020,

6 min Read

You have put months of labor behind it. Finally, it is ready and you are looking forward to making a great start with your new app. You are looking forward to making a smashing hit on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But now you have another round of challenges to face. Yes, you are just halfway through making your app successful. Still, you need to market the app, reach out to your audience, push for new user acquisition and ensure engaging and retaining them as users. It is a long way to go and a lot of things to take care of. 

Fortunately, you have social media channels to reach out to your audience and create buzz easily and with little to no expense. For your app marketing, social media channels can really play the most important role. But social media platforms are also time-consuming and since every marketer is after social promotion, you need creativity and a unique approach to stand apart from others. If you want to really utilize social media as your marketing channel, you need to have a clear strategy with time-tested results. 

Here we are going to explain some of the most effective social media marketing strategies that app marketers should follow. 

Choose Your Platform Wisely 

The first and foremost principle is to pick your social media platforms easily. Since there are too many social platforms out there, you cannot target all of them for marketing your app. First of all, your target audience may not be present in all these channels and secondly, you have limited time and resources for spending on social marketing. Considering these factors you need to choose platforms that are most helpful to reach out to your target audience and make your app visible. 

Facebook as the most regular social platform has its presence across all business niches. Twitter is a great channel for informing the target audience with quick, informative tweets. So, these two channels are likely to remain constant in the scheme of things for most social media app marketers. For other channels, you need to consider the efficiency and efficacy of each one separately. 

For instance, for niches with a dominance of visual content, Instagram is a must and for professional and business content LinkedIn is a must. Pinterest is a great channel for apps targeting woman audience. Certain emerging channels like TikTok predominantly attract younger and millennial audiences. Snapchat is also a popular channel for mostly younger audiences. 

Creating Pre-launch Buzz

Let us be frank about one aspect that the app marketing actually starts long before it is actually ready for the launch. Pre-launch marketing helps marketers to create buzz around the app before it is even ready to hit the market. This helps marketers to get a ready audience when the app is launched. Social media channels can be utilized to make this pre-launch marketing a success. 

When the app is still in the production stage, make sure you have finished naming the app and you have a clear idea about how the final product is going to look and function. Depending upon this you can have a pre-launch marketing strategy. You can create some visuals of your still-to-launch app and unleash a small video on how it is going to work. 

Pre-launch social media marketing also requires consistent posting and dialogue with the target audience so that before the app is out of the production lab you can have an audience ready who is going to be the first batch of users for your app. 

Content is Still King

The old rubric that says “Content is king” has extra validity and importance on social media platforms. Quality, variety, and consistency of the content is the most important aspect to help your app gain visibility across social channels. 

You need to post content on social media that can keep your target audience engaged. You need to create content related to your app niche and the needs of the target audience. For example, if you have a cooking app, posting recipes, cuisine traditions and ingredients of cooking can be very cool. 

Secondly, you need to avoid posting recycled contents that make rounds across social media channels. By posting only unique content on social media platforms you can create a niche reputation for your brand. Unique and quality content focused on your niche always stands apart from the competition in many ways and helps build a reputation. Another important thing is to post a variety of content instead of sticking to boring text. Utilize every different type of content including video, images, screenshots, infographics, animation, etc. Lastly, maintain consistent and regular posting to garner maximum engagement. 

Creative Output in Social Media Pages

Creating a social media page for your app is an effective measure for app marketers. Now, as there are thousands of social media pages representing all niches and commercial products, you need to ensure putting creative excellence to stand out from the competition. The first important thing is to choose the category of the page wisely that perfectly represents your niche. 

As for ensuring creative output through social media pages, certain measures can be very effective. First of all, to stand out visually from the competition, come with a unique looking app icon that grabs attention instantly with a glance. Instead of choosing too many colors causing visual distraction and cognitive overload one should choose the maximum two colors to make the optimum contrast. Lastly, before finalizing your app icon, test it with different backgrounds and wallpapers.  

Make Use of Social Influencers

For social media marketing, reaching out to influencers is very important. In fact, social influencers hold a considerable portion of the digital and social marketing maneuvers. In this respect, you should have a clear idea about who are social influencers and how they impact marketing. In social media platforms, people who have a big following and who are well known for their abilities to create impact, are called social media influencers. 

But since social media influencers range across personalities from diverse niches and different facets of life, not every influencer can be effective for every type of content. For example, a rock star with a large following giving you culinary tips sounds weird. On the other hand, a business leader with a large social following talking about the effectiveness of a CRM app sounds just perfect. This is why choosing the right influencers for the right audience is of seminal importance for optimum marketing output. 


For any app marketer, social media platforms stand as the most promising channels to boost visibility and discover-ability of your mobile application. But to make this happen, you need to have a clearly laid out strategy and should follow the time tested measures that we explained above.