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Story of middle class boy who started his own software company

A boy named Mr. Harpreet Singh belongs to the middle class family who lost his father at the age of 4 years...

Saturday December 03, 2016,

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A boy named Mr. Rajveer Singh belongs to the middle class family who lost his father at the age of 4 years. He had mother and one sister at home. After the death of his father one day over a little dispute Rajveer and his family thrown out of the house by the sister of his father. They lived at the house of parents of his mother for few days. Their  financial condition was not well enough. They manage their food on the family pension of his father. They get the pension because his father was in army.

After few days many people went to them and ask his mother to come back to the home. But his mother took the stand to not go to that home because they fight each and every time on little things. After few days his mother left his father house and used to live on rent in small town . She admits Rajveer and her sister in a very good school although their financial condition was not good. At that time the pension of his family was 1800 Rupees only.

Rajveer was not good in his studies. He don't like to study. His interest was in Drawing and sports. Her mother made many sacrifices but he is very careless. Ignoring all the things they have faced.

Once he failed in the 8th Class then her mother cried very much. That day he made his mind to study in the future but all in vain still he couldn't concentrate. Time goes on... He passed 10 th class by average marks with statue of 3 marks in Maths. Overall percentage was 46. After passing 10th class he left that school because that school is very much disciplined. Then he took admission in Govt School in 11th class where no teacher will ask about the studies. So he used to bunk classes in 11th and goes to watch and cinemas with friends. Then he failed 2 times in 11th class. His two years were waste. 

In these two years he realized all the things that his mother has so much expectations from him but he is very careless. And also realized how he will marry her sister without any money. He maid his mind to do something for his mother and sister. After that day he worked so hard in his studies. He passed 11 th and 12th with decent marks. 

After passing 12th he doesn't know what to do now because no one is there to guide him. He took admission in B.Sc.IT in some college because his friends wants to do B.sc.It. He don't have any aim till now. He doesn't know what actually his degree is. He did not know that by this degree he is going to become a software engineer. 

But he took interest in the studies because he wanted to do something for his mother. By this time he saw his mother as role mode because he made many sacrifices for their studies. In part 1,2 and 3 he was the topper of the class. Before completing his degree he wanted to join worlds largest IT company Microsoft. He wants to become Microsoft certified engineer. But by the time he finished his degree now he dont want to job in any company. Now he want to start his own business, his own software company.

But he don't have a money to start a company. He don't have even 2000 Rs rent to pay. He agreed his friend to work with him as support. His friend don't know software development. His Friend's father give them a place to start the business and said "whenever you have money then pay me the rent, otherwise no problem". They started and they got their first project of 18000 Rs. That amount was enough for them. But by the time they wanted to do some big but they need more money for working. Then they applied for loan of Govt for entrepreneurs. They took 9 Lacks as loan and started their business with the name Rantech. Now their company is amongst the top companies in their state with 5 th most turnover of the year. Their profit was 25 crore for the year 2015. Now he also invest money in the medical tourism sector. Medical Tourism in India is the quickest growing business in India. He thinks that there is a lot of money in this sector.

I hope u like my story.