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5 levels of motivation

5 levels of motivation

Tuesday October 24, 2017,

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The world is brimming with performers, corporates, artists, writers, lawyers, doctors, students and the list is endless. The motivation driving them decides who will stay at which step of the ladder of success. While you are walking the old path or carving a new one for yourself, your level of success is directly proportional to your level of motivation.


Whether you are cooking your morning meal or taking an investor meeting, it is solely your motivation that fuels your every action. Your peak performance and productivity in completing the smallest task to your Legendary Goal is a direct reflection of motivation levels. What do you think drove Nelson Mandela to stay imprisoned for 27 years of his life? What do you think was the secret behind the excellence of legendary sportsmen like Dhyan Chand? Who do you think drove Mahatma Gandhi to leave his life of comfort and take part in the independence struggle? Different questions, same answer- MOTIVATION.

When the problems swarm like uncontrolled bees, what is the one thing that can make you see opportunities among obstacles or obstacles among opportunities? The motivation that is driving you determines whether you’ll apply brakes or complete your journey on a gear higher!

While you perform on various levels, you tend to leave a pattern of how you do what you do. Are you the one who punches the troubles in face or the one who lets the troubles punch them? Take a quick recap of your own self, on how you felt when you faced a challenge last time. Take a note if you changed the job or took the challenge. Take a note of what did you do in the times when failures had hit you?

Following you’ll find a list of traits and characteristics to map your level of motivation. Explore your strengths and weaknesses with this Map Your Motivation categorization, and find out if you really are as tough as you think? Or there is something better you can be!

5. Quitter: Quitters are circumstantial performers. This is the lowest level of motivation for your goal. If you are a quitter you will find yourself thinking of escaping more than facing. When faced with troubles: a quitter changes the job, not his attitude!

This category usually becomes the weakest link in the chain by quitting before even trying. For a Quitter, the key area of focus is the problems. Instead of finding solutions, a quitter always tries to magnify, explain and criticize all the aspects ABOUT THE PROBLEM.

4. Faultfinder: While this category has considerable analytical skills, their decision making is usually inclined to finding an object to blame. Their natural instinct is to find fault in the things they do not have a control over. Successful people focus on Fact-finding not fault finding!

Fault Finders are not underperformers because of their skill, but because of their will. If you are a fault finder you will analytically, critically and logically will hunt for all the possible reasons of not taking a challenge by finding faults. Want to know if you are one? Simply recall any troubling incident where you thought “what can you do to make it better?” instead of blaming it on others.

3. Dabbler: The most impressive attribute of this class of leaders is high enthusiasm. Do you get super excited about your job but only in the initial months? Check yourself for this category. A highly spirited performer with a massive motivation in the beginning but wears out slowly as the challenges start cropping up. Being a dabbler, you can be easily motivated and even more easily demotivated!

In the corporate world, the managers with this level of motivation are called ‘shooting star managers’ for their transient behavior. If you are one in this category, it is easier for you to improve than the previous two categories because you’ve got to work only on will.

2. Stressor: These are known for their Perseverance. Being in the close proximity to perfection makes them noteworthy performers. You are an achiever if you are here. If you are a stressor, the harder you hit the ground, the higher you bounce back!

BUT, stressors lose a lot of energy in making efforts without thinking. Doing a wrong thing over and over is hard work, not the smart work. That is where the energy leak of stressors happen and they tend to waste a lot of efforts in doing efforts not necessarily doing correct efforts!

1. Master: If you leave no stone unturned to achieve what you want, this is the category you belong to. The people gifted with this behavioral attribute bring unprecedented laurels to their teams and personal lives. The heart of a Master screams the spirit of “Go Getter” every time it spots a challenge!

But when failures hit a Master, they don’t immediately Bounce Back. Surprised? It is because when Masters face a setback, they take a step back and then Bounce Back! It is this quality which makes them not just successful, but also UNBEATABLE.

Stressors are Successful,Masters are Unbeatable!

When it is up to YOU who you can be, why not be the BEST!