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E-Verify ITR using netbanking

At the end of every financial year in India, Indian residents who earn taxable income have to pay income tax and file ITR (Income Tax Returns). The Income Tax Department has simplified the returns filing process by allowing the citizens to e-file their ITR.

Wednesday April 19, 2017,

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To e-file ITR, people to visit the e-filing website of the Income Tax Department of India and login on to it. They can login using their PAN (Permanent Account Number. After logging on to the website, they have to select the ITR form which is applicable to them and the financial year for which they wish to file the ITR for. In case of ITR 1 and ITR 4S, filing can be done online using ‘Quick e-file ITR’ option, that is present on the website.

For other forms, people have to download the Excel/Java utility and fill in the required information. They must ensure that the TDS on their Form 16 matches with the details on their Form 26AS.

Once they fill in all the information, they have to validate the information by clicking on ‘Validate’ and then generate XML file, which they have to save and upload on the e-filing website. If successful, then the website will then display the ITR-V (ITR Verification) to them, which they have to verify. The ITR-V will have an acknowledgement number.

ITR can be verified online and offline. If people do not e-verify their ITR-V online, they have to send it via post to CPC, Bangalore to get it verified. It is very easy to verify ITR online. One of the best ways is to e-verify using Netbanking.

How to verify ITR using Netbanking?

To verify ITR using Netbanking, people have to follow the steps mentioned below:

Login to the Netbanking account.

Find the IT (Income Tax) e-filing tab. On entering the details asked by the bank in this section, they will be redirected to the IT Department’s website.

On the IT Department’s website, they have to click on ‘View Returns/Forms’.

Click on ‘Click here to view your returns pending for e-Verification’.

Click on ‘e-verify’.

A new window will open. Click on ‘Continue’ to get EVC and to verify ITR.

On clicking, the website will display a confirmation message and provide the EVC code and transaction ID. Download the attachment by clicking on ‘Click here to Download Attachment’. This attachment is for personal record only.