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How to Batch Print MBOX to PDF with Their Attachments in Seconds?

How to Batch Print MBOX to PDF with Their Attachments in Seconds?

Friday March 03, 2017,

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In this article, we will give solutions to users who are seeking to batch print MBOX to PDF format by using the efficient tool MBOX to PDF converter. This tool helps user in converting tons of MBOX files into Adobe PDF file format in a few simple steps. By using this tool user can easily export entire data items of MBOX files including email messages and their attachments into PDF format without any data loss.

Comparison of MBOX Format and PDF File Format

According to the user’s requirement, email has become the most proficient way to communicate in an organisation. Now, Email has become the most common source to send and receive the email messages. Before we proceed further, let us discuss about the MBOX and PDF file formats. It will help non-technical users to understand the conversion procedure of the file formats.

MBOX is the most common email file format which is supported by various email clients. MBOX is primarily supported by the Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Mac Mail, Outlook Express, and more. It is a common file format which is commonly known as Mail Box to store the data items of MBOX files in folders. Whereas PDF is the document format which is developed by the Adobe. It is a most safe and secure file format which provides a password protection facility to users where no one can edit or modify the PDF files. It is versatile file format which easily maintains the integrity of the data formatting including images, hyperlinks, fonts, graphs, texts, etc.

Requirement of Batch Export MBOX to PDF Format

Some of the few advantages of PDF file over MBOX format are given below which forces users to convert their MBOX data into PDF format.

• PDF file format is secured document file which facilitates a password protection to user.

• Users are widely used PDF format as their legal documents. So that it can be easily use it in a court or in medical platform for their specific use.

• It is capable to maintain all the data integrity like email formatting, images, hyperlinks, fonts, headings, and more into it.

• It is independent of platform and can be easily opened anywhere in any system.

What Are the Methods to Convert MBOX to PDF?

There are two common approaches are performed to batch export MBOX to PDF format.

1. By using Manual Process

2. Technical method using third party tool

These two methods are preferred by users to export their MBOX data into PDF format. Manual method is suitable to perform the conversion of few MBOX to PDF format. Because conversion of tons of MBOX files into PDF file format is time consuming process and not so much easy to perform the batch conversion of MBOX files. While technical method is always recommended by the experts to perform the batch conversion of MBOX file format to PDF format. It is the reliable and the safe solution for users by which users can instantly convert MBOX file format into PDF format. Users can instantly perform the migration of MBOX to PDF file.

MBOX to PDF Converter

MBOX to PDF Converter

How to Batch Convert MBOX to PDF File Format?

Using the most recommended third party tool MBOX to PDF Converter is the straightforward solution for users by which users can easily export large number of MBOX into PDF format. This tool offers several advance features to users by which they can easily migrate MBOX to PDF format. It is a simple three step solution for users which allows user to convert multiple MBOX files to PDF file format instantly.

Few Simple steps are given below: -

Step 1: Download ZOOK MBOX to PDF Converter and install it in the system.

Step 2: Now open the application, the first interface of the application offers dual mode i.e. Select single MBOX File/Select Folder containing multiple MBOX files.

Step 3: Now browse and select destination location to save the resultant PDF file. It also offered different file naming formats to user by which they can reserve their resultant PDF file name as per their requirement.

Step 4: The final step is to click on Convert which completes the conversion process instantly in few seconds.

It is quick, safe and the precise solution for users to batch export MBOX to PDF format in few simple steps. It supports multiple email clients so that users can instantly export the MBOX file of any email client data into PDF format. It offers two options to user i.e. Demo edition and Licensed edition. Demo edition offers the conversion of 25 items from the selected MBOX files into PDF filewhile licensed edition is available at the efficient rate.