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Can a gift send a wrong message to a receiver?

People say it is not the gift that matters but it is the thoughts that count. But do they really?

Can a gift send a wrong message to a receiver?

Thursday July 13, 2017,

5 min Read


Truth to be told, you can never expect when the gift giving goes totally wrong and all for the wrong reasons.

Back to the question at hand; can a gift sends a wrong message and impression to a receiver? I believe that it is possible.

A gift does not only reflect and capture one’s appreciation towards another but at the same time, it carries tons of both emotional and psychological link to it. Nevertheless, it acts as a nonverbal communication channel between the receiver and the communicator. Simply put, the gift is symbolized as an elusive message to let your receiver know how much you value and cherish him or her.

If that’s the case, how can a gift giving be so wrong that it feels almost right?

You may start off with a load of good intention but somehow the notion that predefined the gift has provided you with a few challenges and expectation that comes with it.

Have you ever find yourself perplexed on finding him or her the best gift on their special days? Or even worse, as years go by, you’d found that all of your gifts make a perfect decor for her wardrobe. This has put a strain on your relationship as the gifts remain unscathed over the years. There are times in which the unexpected presents do not always bear the same result particularly if you happened to present them with the same gift you gave last year or the gifts somehow offending them. Sending a gym membership, for instance, might cause someone to feel insulted as it concerns their body weight and appearance.

And that is when all the excitement and enthusiasm just flew out the window.

In order to remedy the situation, I have come out with a few suggestions to help you turn the tide around and give your loved ones be it your family or friends the right gift that he or she can appreciate for years and put the smile back on his or her loving faces. No more the mawkish, heartbreaking gift giving story by the end of your special day.

Thus, this goes my two-cents.

1. Sometimes lavish gifts are just ‘gifts’

It is not a crime for you to shower them with lavish gifts. However, do you feel obligated to give them an expensive gift just to impress them? With the ever-present challenging economy, you might find yourself strapped for cash. Although there is an existence of supposition underlying these lavish gifts implying that the receiver will feel more appreciated if they received a more luxurious gift from the givers but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

2. Put yourself in the receiver’s shoes and imagine what kind of presents that he or she will love and appreciate

It is indeed a matter of perception that is wrapped together with the gift that often brings about the unintended trouble. You may need to ask yourself whether the gift is significant to the receiver and how would they feel upon receiving it. You may want to send them a gift that matters to them and cater to their liking and personality.

3. Pick up the ‘hints’

As their special day approaches, keep an eye for the subtle hints the receiver might give insinuating about what they genuinely want for a present. This will give you heads- up of their needs and desire for certain gifts.

4. Get a DIY and personalized gift for your loved ones and friends [most recommended]

If you are still perplexed, you might want to consider giving them something enticing and thoughtful gift such as personalized gifts or DIY handmade gifts. It is a gift that is both unique and exclusive that will render them speechless. This shows your effort and just how much you care about finding them the gift that they will appreciate for years.

These type of gifts can't go wrong for any occasion, season or for any reasons as it can put a smile on one’s face. It is an honest and gracious gift that he or she will love and cherish.

What are some personalized gift items and DIY gifts that you can give to the receiver?

•A t-shirt is a classic apparel that will never go out of style. Present someone with this timeless beauty customized with their personal and favorite photo to brighten their day. You can also create a couple tees for both you and your partner signifying your love and affection towards each other.

Wish them a happy birthday with a custom tee

Wish them a happy birthday with a custom tee

• Bridge the gap between two lovers with a matching phone case. To make it more exceptional, you can add some photo or their initial.

Half your heart goes to your other half

Half your heart goes to your other half

• Create a sensational piece in a form of a photo canvas to decorate your family’s living room with your beautiful family photo. The whole household will love the gift!


DIY handmade gifts are also a fabulous gift to be given to anyone. You can create a handmade gift such as greeting cards, jewellery and much more. It is an inexpensive yet stylish gift, great for any receiver regardless of any occasion. 

greeting cards for dad then?

greeting cards for dad then?

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you to atone for your past mistakes and assist you for the future gift giving preparation since, in the end, you don’t truly want them to feel disappointed with the gift.

I really hope that you can find her or him the perfect gift for their special day.

Nina's signing out.