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Why Should You Choose Python for Mobile App Development?

Why Should You Choose Python for Mobile App Development?

Thursday May 21, 2020,

5 min Read

Why Should You Choose Python for Mobile App Development?

Python for Mobile App Development

Python is getting a popular programming language day-by-day. Even some people are using Python for Mobile App Development. But what is so appealing in the Python language that a lot of people are embracing the Python Development? Well, we can say that Python is highly secure programming language and it also has a lot of libraries already built, so a lot of functions do not require to be coded, and you can simply paste the code from the library and you’re done. Moreover, Python code is platform-independent, so the Python code can run on any platform, and that is also one of the main advantages.

But when it comes to Mobile App Development, lesser people are aware that Python can be used to develop a Mobile Application as well. Most people think that Android Development is done on Kotlin and Java, but you can always use a Python framework to develop your application. Most developers use the Kivy framework to develop a mobile application using Python.

There are several advantages of choosing Python as your programming language as compared to other technologies.

1.   Security


           When you choose Python, you choose Security. So, your application will always have a secure and robust backend when you have developed it with Python. Python applications are less vulnerable from cyber-attacks and are much tolerant to such attacks. So, you will always get great security of your application when it is backed with Python.

2.   Modularity

           Python is Modular. So, you can create different modules for your application separately, and then combine all those modules in a single application. This way, you can divide your tasks among developers, and they all will be working on different modules, and then you can combine all the modules and deploy your application.

3.   Extensive Libraries

           You can get a lot of already built libraries and you can use those libraries in your code, so you don’t have to code for that particular function, which makes the development faster and reduces the development cost. So, you get extensive libraries’ support when you develop your app with Python.

4.   Easy Integration

           Python Applications can be easily integrated with other technologies and tools. With Python, one can extend their app’s functionalities to a great extent by integrating third-party tools and other technologies. That is another reason why most developers choose Python for app development.

5.   Better Productivity

           Python application development is fun, as it requires lesser lines of code to be written, and that improves the productivity of the developer, and that encourages the developers to do more. Some functions and libraries are already available on the internet, so the developer saves that time to develop that function. So, that improves the productivity of the developers.

But, these are the advantages of choosing Python for web or backend applications, which gave us a rough idea of why people are choosing Python for Backend and other application development. Now we will see why people are choosing Python for Mobile App Development.

Python for Mobile App Development: Advantages

Choosing Python for Mobile App Development has the same advantages plus some mobile advantages as well.Now let’s plunge into how Mobile Application Development is possible with a Python Framework. There are a lot of Python Mobile Application Development Frameworks out there in the market, among which, Kivy framework is quite famous for mobile App Development.

So, when you have decided to go for Python for your mobile app development, then you will use Python for both frontend as well as the backend of your application. Now you must be wondering how the frontend can be built on Python for your application, then here comes the Kivy framework in the light. With the Kivy framework, you can build cool and intuitive frontends for your mobile application.

But before diving deep into the Kivy framework, let’s see why Kivy is preferred for Mobile App Development.

What is Kivy

Kivy is an open-source and multi-platform library to develop your app’s GUI. Kivy is a Python-based library and can be used to develop the Frontend for your app. Kivy can be used as a Frontend library and for the backend, one can use Python. So your app is built with Python from A to Z when you use Kivy for the frontend.

Now, let’s see how the Kivy framework can be useful for our mobile application development.

Kivy is cross-platform

Kivy framework is cross-platform. So, one code can be used for your Android as well as the iOS application. So, just code once, and you can use the same code in your Android and the iOS application. Kivy reduces coding time and cost.

Custom User Interface Toolkit

Kivy offers a custom user interface toolkit, which offers various custom text stickers, buttons, textboxes, etc. You can develop a great and eye-pleasing UI for your app with the custom user interface toolkit which allows us access to a lot of basic user-interface elements.

Better consistency

When you develop your app with the Kivy framework, you get better consistency in terms of app stability and other factors. Python-backed applications are less likely to get crashed or even get attacked by a potential hacker. So, you get both consistency and security when you choose Python for your app development.

All-Python Advantage

When your app is already backed with Python and you use the Kivy framework for your application’s frontend development, you get the “All-Python” advantage. Your backend is already secure with Python, plus you get your frontend developed with the Kivy framework based-on Python. So, your you can say that the app is ‘All-Python’.


So, after reading all these, points you must be cleared on why should you choose Python for Mobile App Development. You also must be cleared on the ‘All-Python’ term, and how the Kivy framework is useful in developing beautiful front ends for your mobile applications based on Python