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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

Completing your TO-DO List Daily!

Saturday May 21, 2016,

4 min Read

"I need you to meet THE targets", Sharmaji's boss yeslled at him. Sharmaji had recently joined Boss Electronics and was in charge of the marketing team. Sharmaji was very talented and qualified with a B. Tech degree from IIT and an MBA in marketing from IIM. His résumé speaks for itself everytime he goes for an interview. But he still gets fired within a month from every job.

No Sharmaji isn't a creep, he just refuses to work lunch. He says he gets less productive and sits idle to avoid wasting his precious time in doing nothing. Well that is unproductivity. In the morning, he daydreams about big companies and keeps spreading his résumé like cookies on the Internet.

"C'mon Sharmaji, not even a client in a month! Since you are new in our office I gave you time to adjust amongst us! You are proving to be unfruitful", the boss said. Sharmaji was sad, he didn't want to let down people but he really wasn't productive. He went back unhappily to his desk to collect his belongings. Just then, a junior, Sharmaji's favourite came to visit him and an emotional Sharmaji started crying in front of him.

The junior thought for a moment and said, "Sir, I can save your job, I can suggest you the exact things to be done if your promise to follow them." Sharmaji agreed.

To increase productivity he wrote on a board.

1) Stop procrastinating:

Procrastination is not only a waste of time but also diverts your attention to unwanted areas not related to work which may seem to be more interesting and hinder your present task from being completed.

2) Social Media ban:

As disturbing procrastination is so is social media which consumes a lot of unwanted time because there are so many of them, If I start naming them I could go on for a few minutes and the list still won't be complete. Social media is only good when you have nothing to do or maybe not even then.

3) Clearing some mess:

Now that we have cleared the Internet from your mind, let's clear up your surroundings. You should always keep a clean desk. A desk with things arranged neatly allows you to find things easily without having to go through the mess.

4) Setting timers:

The attention span of a human is around 45 minutes as suggested by studies. So these 45 minutes should be utilised fully. Task yourself and push yourself to finish the task in that time.

5) Take a break:

After every 45 minute of productivity acknowledge it by taking a break for 5-10 minutes, rejuvenate yourself and get back again. In this break don't end up on your phone, get up, move around take a walk.

6) Talk to your colleagues:

Others also feel as lonely as you. A friendly talk is always welcomed by your colleagues. This also keeps you motivated when you see that not just you but others are working extremely hard as well. 

7) Wake up early, sleep on time:

This isn't a myth, people who follow a regular timetable are healthy, fit and happy. They are always more productive as they have had their share of sleep and are fresh at work.

8) Exercise is a must:

As much as eating a pizza is important so is exercising your muscles. This helps in making them flexible and allowing a flow of blood in your body keeping it up and live for the day.

9) Good food habits and good posture:

Closely related? Yes! It is important to eat healthy and after regular intervals. Eating less carbohydrates when you are at work reduces fatigue. Having dry fruits keeps you full but light in your stomach. You should also maintain a good posture, sit upright and see the office from a height.

10) Spending more money:

 The more you spend the more will you want to spend as spending is contagious. For spending more you will have to earn more. I believe you earn only through hardwork. So you will work harder and double your capability to earn money and thus increase your quality hours of the day.

"These are just a few Sharmaji. I will share the rest of them when we work together on a project", giggled the junior. Sharmaji, who had been making notes, looked lively and jovial now as he was very impressed.

He is not unproductive any longer and doesn't have to hear horrible things from his boss. Also, the junior isn't a junior anymore;)

- Shivani Shankar