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Dedicated Servers: 10 Surprising Benefits for Businesses Over the Cloud

Dedicated Servers: 10 Surprising Benefits for Businesses Over the Cloud

Monday August 26, 2019,

5 min Read

Always a good Server Hosting is a quintessential Element for any small or big online business, and that the main reason why people Choose the Best hosting provider by surfing in google. Mostly a good and active Hosting company should cross across availability, security and performance but most of the top server hosting provider will fail to provide this.

A shared hosting always provide the best in reliability and even their uptime is maximum in level but when comparing it with dedicated hosting it lead at first.In this Dedicated server hosting the client can lease the entire server, also the entire resources what we have in dedicated server will not be shared to any other website hold servers.

There are some major benefits of having Dedicated server

A website Without have host will tend to push down the website speed and also that will let to affect the traffic of our website.A server should have the high quality performance and some feature that is been listed below

1. Improved Site Performance

Performance of the Website is most important which will speak with your customer not by words but by the performance of your website in both desktop and mobile view. Usually a customer will surf from google about their need and followed with our information given on google will be displayed and mostly people cross verified from that information. While Entering if your page performance is poor then customer will not stay back with our website and it can even affect your result.

In this Concept the Dedicated provide a guideline when compared with shared hosting. Performance of the site and even the speed of the website will help to increase the Traffic in high volume.

2. Better security

Using this dedicated server we can build a high range of security level to our website, Normally in shared and vps hosting all the resources they use is been shared to some other website holders and with other server holder. But in dedicated hosting the data we have and also the entire resources will not be shared with any other source term users.

Also there were an  Added advance security processor is been attached on dedicated server which in term helps the website to protect from payment failure issues and also this hosting server is one of the highest levels of security against malware and adware.

3. Domain-Associated Email Address

To become a professional in online business and to have a huge range of popularity of email we should have Email id that should be related with our website. For Business related and for self promotional if we are reaching out with Email means then we should have a Branded Email address. This allows us to look professional when we reach out with people.

4. High Reliability and Uptime

Uptime is always one of the most important that we need to look on while choosing the server hosting. So Site uptime is how often we use our website and how often we are online, mostly all the server hosting companies provide 99.9% and remaining missing is the online and offline that we goes off.

So it's better to choose a host which provide a high uptime and can be claimed into more valuable resources.


A Dedicated server allows a customer to choose the processor followed by their need say like Ram,Rom,Disk Space and even some software. This choosing option is much relevant to for client to choose based on his website need. When Comparing with shared hosting, dedicated hosting is playing the best of them.

6.Unique IP address

Each server has its own unique address. When looking to shared hosting, a single host has multiple website with them and if a single website is been hacked or has any spam issues sure it may affect all other website in term of reducing the ranking term. To avoid this and the best way is having a dedicated hosting which in-turn has a secured IP Address.

7. Backup servers

For Fast and immediate access to do backup and to resume the impact immediately we need a daily backup and in dedicated server hosting this backup server will be stored in a secured process and cannot be shared outside easily,

8.Fully  Managed server

All dedicated server comes under fully managed support team, which allows to connect the experiences server technical team support with some time assistance. We can get some individual configuration to install the specific software easily

9. 24/7 technical support

When we say 24/7 technical service then we really mean it, which inturn haves the multiple support team for having connected with the people of whom we have. This in tend may helps our customer to get satisfied on regard this.

10. cPanel / WHM

A server team may have many experienced people, using them a host provider can support the client using cpanel/Whm or parallel’s plesk. Though we can even purchase the license for having the cPanel/WHM  and use it accordingly.

Advantage of using the Dedicated server

  1. No server resources will be shared with the Other website holders.
  2. Enhances performance and security level process
  3. More Flexibility
  4. A unique IP address
  5. No Overhead for Purchasing or maintaining equipment