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The importance of raising a toast to the team’s success

The importance of raising a toast to the team’s success

Saturday April 22, 2017,

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The B2B industry contains a sizable workforce that deals with the B2B email lists and B2B products that are of high value to prospective marketers. The sales may require bending efforts and longer cycles. When the sales closure is finally made, it is a moment every sales person prides.

Every gain in business is a hard won battle. But, inching towards the ultimate goal will take a painstaking amount of efforts for results which are often accomplished in incremental stages. Remember, it is eminently easy to reel under the pressure to win. However, hauling your team to an absolute success requires dedication, time, and an equal amount of efforts. The team morale is just as important as the goal. Hence, not celebrating the accomplishment will blemish the optimism of the team leading to lower performance and eventually affecting profits in the long run.

Celebrate every accomplishment

The propensity for sales closure may stretch in B2B arena due to longer sale cycle while marketing a successful B2B Email Lists, and it is nothing new. The longer turnaround is the trade-off for exclusively pursuing qualified leads. Marketers and clients may come within moments of striking the deal when the timeline gets pushed outwards from the current stage within the funnel.

The deal size may vary, but that should never make marketers shy of celebrating the smaller success. Every leader understands the importance of fighting off the emotions that do not sustain a positive climate within the team. The team culture may take a backseat should marketers fail to shower praises and recognitions from time to time.

People are instrumental in every success story

Some leaders overlook the importance of celebration with an intent of saving dollars. The human resources are to be seen as assets that are automatically programmed to close deals and shift into next task within the pipeline.

Money is indeed a significant part of the equation, but there are impalpable elements that are perhaps of equal value to the baseline compensation that will motivate employees.

Showering employees with attention for their vital contribution will trigger an impulse to improve consistency. It will often act as a driver for the realization of objectives.

It is an outstanding leadership quality to construe the strengths and vulnerabilities of every member of the team and expressing empathy when needed. Showing empathy allows leaders to gain insight on underlining attributes that outline strategic drivers.

Make your company culture stand out

The celebratory culture does not necessarily outline overindulgence. Perhaps, the modest jollification will strengthen the urge members to become better contributors.

More companies are coherently showing leeway when it comes to allowing people to become expressive. The dull corporate scenario is changing by accommodating casual atmosphere where it is much easier to dwell and feel lively.

The idea of companies sponsoring the team outing may be pooh-poohed by many. But, such initiative strengthens long-term trust, morale, and team building.


Responding to stimulus is a human trait and carrying organization towards success requires collective dedication from everybody involved. The stimulus needed for employees are time to time appreciation for contribution in the form of small celebrations for victories whether they are big or small in nature.

Companies may close deals with incredible tenacity, and it may be nothing new from that of the past. But, the journey is as important as the goals because a stronger team remains unbroken at vulnerable times by willing to take risks and shouldering duties with an immense sense of dedication

Success and failure are part of any venture. Team outing, movie nights, and luncheons are few aspects of giving back to employees, and there are plenty ways to replenish the vigor within corporations. The work culture reflects the performance and will affect the benchmark to sustain long term results. 

The Importance of Raising a Toast to Team’s Success

The Importance of Raising a Toast to Team’s Success