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How to improve website SEO using Google trends

Improving  search engine optimization (SEO) through google trends

How to improve website SEO using Google trends

Friday August 03, 2018,

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Improving SEO through Google Trends - Digital Floats

Improving SEO through Google Trends - Digital Floats

Google Trends is a Web-based tool that tells about the searched keywords, phrases and subjects over a specific period. Initially, it was experimentally provided with Google Labs, but since it was integrated with Google Insights for search in 2008, it is now widely used as one independent tool.

Google trends provide a facility to compare five keywords or topics concurrently. The result is shown with the help of graph and includes number of searched scores and the degree of attention in a specific country and region. Google define theses graphs as ‘Search Volume Index’.

Users searching for the relevant keywords can investigate other popular and remarkable keywords that are also searching. It also enables to search keywords and YouTube videos where the number of searches has risen steeply. One can also receive Trend information on specific keywords and topic via email.

The tool analyzes different searches to calculate how many times the user entered that terms, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over the same time. The data provided by Google Trends is updated daily and may contain inaccuracies. These inaccuracies may be because of data sampling issues and a variety of estimates that are used to figure outcomes.

Benefits of Google trends

1. Helps identifying region with high interest on targeted keyword

2. Strong tool for exanimation of competitors’ activities

3. Trusted site for back linking

4. Revealing the most recent trends

5. Best and superior keywords research

6. Helps finding audience to target

How Google trends lead to effective search engine optimization (SEO)

Seasonal content

One can plan its content as per the seasonality of topics. For example, it is not a good to write about winter in summer. With the help of Google Trends, one can discover less obvious tendencies and can choose trending topic for reactive content.

Location based targeting

Although Google Trends is considered as a Keyword-focused tool, it delivers best results when you search topics and interest levels related to a particular region.

Subject comparison

What to write and what not to write is always a question everyone is having in mind while writing content. If you are ready with your topic then simply compare it by using Google trends to know the relevancy.

Brand monitoring

Brand monitoring deals with analyzing the business process by taking into consideration various channels to gain insight about the company. It is all about the reputation of a brand in the eyes of its customers and targeted demographic. One can monitor the top brands and plan their strategy accordingly.

Keyword research and ideas

Digital Marketing is all about reaching customers and one can reach them by applying the right user searched terms. One can use Google Keyword planner for keywords analysis but Google Trends can get more out of your keyword research. Google Trends not only helps with relevant topics and search queries, but also the ones that have gained relevance during the selected period.

Content marketing

Content plays a vital role in SEO and Google Trends is one of the best tools to be used for this purpose. In Google Trends, one can see trending topics and can take ideas to write content for a website or blogs.

Long-tail and short-tail keywords for content

Long tail keywords are specific, while short tail keywords are general. Finding, drafting and using long-tail keyword will enable you to find genuine customers for your products and services. Google Trends is the very useful tool to find these keywords by searching for general key phrases.


Google Trends has been through many modifications but its underlying principle remains the same. If someone wants to go beyond basic research then this tool can provide you with unlimited useful insights. Identifying and targeting the right keywords is the key to success in Google Trends.

-This article has been written by "Firdaus Khan"