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Choice and Decision - Shapes Life and Career

Tuesday January 24, 2017,

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Life gives choice to everyone of us on all matters. Those who have realised that they been given choice to choose and took that bold decisions are the people either lived or living legends amongst us.

To achieve one’s own goal, he/she need not be an inventor or investor. Even associating themselves with the established successful people/organisation, one can achieve.

Entrepreneurship can be pursued and practised by anyone who has the desire and passion in improving their life.

To be an entrepreneur, first you got to realise that opportunity to do business is a choice which is open to all.

Now that you have decided to be an entrepreneur — analyse and choose what suits you or what you are passionate about, considering your strengths and weakness.

In my case, when i decided to become entrepreneur, I knew for sure I cannot make any financial investment, but at the same time I did have a great amount of hardworking skills and limited knowledge of sales and marketing, as investment. I wanted to pursue a business which would reward me just with my skills and capability; Choices were plenty from Loan Facilitator to Commission Agency. I chose Real Estate Broking and continue to practice for past 15 years.

Invested 9 years of my life to learn Real Estate Broking and founded Lakshmi Balaji Realty in 2010. From one man show we have made progress to 30+ member team. Today Lakshmi Balaji has an IT Software Development cum Electronic Hardware Design and Development Company, which supports our Real Estate Broking Business.

All this because, I realised the opportunity and took that bold decision to quit job and venture into business.

Any one can climb to any level —if opted.

Author is a Founder of Lakshmi Balaji Realty and Lakshmi Balaji IaATS - Information and Advanced Technology Solutions.

Lakshmi Balaji Realty is looking for Working Partner/Individual Franchisee to expand business.