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The Calling

Thus have I heard: A great way to enjoy our moments is to focus less on the by-products of a super life and more on living superbly.   

The Calling

Wednesday April 11, 2018,

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How often do you open your heart to moments of truth and acknowledge what can yet be possible for you? Do you even recognize the immense possibilities that await you in each priceless moment?


Free choice is not about thinking, speaking, or doing whatever you want, whenever you want, or however you want. It is the strength of character to choose to think, speak and do, what is fitting and wholesome in each moment. Live insightfully, and you will realize that it is not the desire to be successful, prosperous or happy that matters; everyone has that. It is the desire to prepare for success, prosperity and lasting happiness and to then follow through on this desire in a disciplined manner - in all important areas of your life - that separates those who achieve their aspirations from those who only dream about them.

The way to true freedom, in its most pristine form, is not related to freedom for the self, but freedom from the self; especially the "self" that shackles you to a lifestyle you feel desperate to leave behind, if you only knew how.

Your journey through life is based on a long succession of choices with their inevitable downstream effects that lead to either greatness or grief. Be aware of how your insatiable yearning for transitory goals and pleasures depletes you and steers you away from making your greatest contribution to yourself and others.

Multiplications of zero are always zero! Therefore, isn't it a waste of life to pursue goals that yield little or no satisfaction? Do not mistake the promise of happiness to be the acquisition of material and professional goals. Examine your assumptions deeply, to see if they are really serving you.

When your outlook on life is dim, then no matter how hard you stare, or how deeply you plan for a brighter future, you cannot see ahead, with any degree of clarity to predict what will really satisfy you. Your planning should not rest on suppositions about the future, because suppositions are never safe or accurate. The facts pertaining to death, to change and incessant challenges - are accurate and can be relied upon, but mistaking suppositions for facts is a folly that is best avoided.

If you rearrange the molecules of carbon in the right way, you create a diamond. Similarly, when you rearrange your priorities wisely, you can transform your life into a masterpiece; it is then that you flow in alignment with your inner calling and begin to craft an exceptional life that is of great benefit to all.

The greatest value in living insightfully is that it promotes inner peace and outer effectiveness. Remember, that the best time to plant a tree is always twenty years ago; and the second-best time, is always today. So learn to live superbly; do something outstanding today, to add to the treasury of human excellence.


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