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11 Most Profitable and Evergreen Business Ideas for Women

11 Most Profitable and Evergreen Business Ideas for Women

Monday January 13, 2020,

6 min Read

Would you like to be your own boss? Well, who wouldn’t want to? Taking a step at a time and putting your skills to use can convert into a profitable business opportunity.

As a woman, you would want to explore opportunities that meet your comfort zone, gives you the freedom to spend time with your family, and at the same time, pay you good enough to keep up with the expenses.

We have curated some fun business ideas women can consider if they are good at it or at least can give a shot:

Food Truck

most exciting part of cooking would be serving and looking at people enjoying what they just ate. Compliments are always welcomed. Having a food truck and selling food is the best business that never stops growing. And you can travel to different places and see people enjoying eating your food. This is one of the most profitable business a woman could take up and do.

Customized products

Nowadays, people love to get personalized and customized products. It is because they like to identify themselves with those products. There are a lot of things that are being customized. That includes mobile phone cases, pop sockets, bags, pouches and also t-shirts. This business has more demand as it excites people.

Drawing portraits

Evolution is rewinding. People are starting to prefer hand made products, and they have a unique value in the market. Drawing portraits is one of them. Portraits are preferred more than photographs because they have quality and are given more attention when created. People prefer drawing portraits because it is more traditional and skill-based work, which cannot be done by anybody that easily and professionally. They cost differently to draw a single person and more people.


If you are a photographer and you know to click pictures perfectly, then this business might turn out to be profitable for you. Today, photographers are needed everywhere, and for every occasion. There is a wide variety of things that you could capture. People want to freeze some moments forever. There is event photography, model photography, and many more to click and get paid. There are also newspaper organizations that require freelance photographers to click pictures for them. It is one of the most popular and profitable businesses for women.


In this digital age, with blogging, you can earn while you learn at the same time. It also requires a minimal investment cost. You will just need to buy a domain and a hosting space. All you need to do is knowing your audience and writing engaging and useful content for them. Analyzing what they like and writing according to their needs can transform readers into leads. Lately, a lot of women with fashion, lifestyle, tech and beauty blogs are excelling in the blogging business.

Tailoring and embroidery services

Some people prefer stitching cloths than buying them readymade. It is because they don’t get satisfied with the size that already exists. This business provides people with clothes that are specifically designed for them. Embroidery is an art. It is much in demand these days as it is beautifully hand made. People love it because it shows the depth of art and is hand made. So, people often get their dresses stitched with an embroidery design to make it more beautiful and unique.


Women love to bake. Baking at home is another level of joy because you bake for the people you love. If your friends and family keep coming back for more cakes and cookies, you know you are good at it. Baking also involves much creativity and love, and there is always a market for yummy baked food. Baking is also effortless to start and profitable.


Vlogging, aka Video Blogging, is when you record and share your experiences or tell a story digitally with the whole world. It involves creativity and a good camera. This career-cum-business is a hit if you have a proper concept and great content. You can talk about anything, record it and upload it on YouTube. When your channel gets great amount of attention, you can monetize it through ads and sponsored content.

Event Planning

Planning for an event has become tough for people these days. They might have one thousand things running in their mind, and planning for their event is one of them. The business of event planning has great growth potential when you plan and execute properly. When people get satisfied with your services, they start recommending you to others. Start this as a business if you like being responsible because apart from money, this business comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Home Tutoring

Sometimes, children get distracted when they are under a tutor who trains them in a group with other children. Home tutoring helps in giving a single child more attention and helping them to study well. So, parents are starting to prefer home tutors that come to their house to teach their kids. They get paid well as a home tutor compared to tutoring a group.

Logo designing

Logo designing is one of the most demanding freelance jobs, thanks to booming businesses. If you have a working knowledge of designing software and creating catchy logos, you can get many clients. All you need is a PC/laptop, designing software and creative skills. If you are unique enough, you can top this industry and remain trending.

Tips and Takeaways:

  • Focus on your idea or your business and research in-depth about it.
  • Make it official; let people know that you are on a business.
  • Be as professional as much as possible.
  • Create social media handles and update them regularly.
  • Find the right financing for your business.
  • Know your competitors and identify their gaps. Use that to improve your business.
  • Be more creative and implement something new in your business often.
  • Get a trademark for your business.

Every business may face barriers at first. When we start a business, it might look like we have a lot to go. Once the business takes off, you’ll find no time to look back. Overall, patience is essential. In any business, you must know to handle the speed breakers and face consequences. Nothing comes easy and great hard work results only in excellent outcomes and enormous growth. So be patient till your time comes as anything does not happen overnight.