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Strategies for successful ERP change management

A successful ERP change management is very significant to do with people management as the staffs need to be refined on the objectives of the implementation of the ERP system. This subject requirements to be advanced in a good manner for best results.

Strategies for successful ERP change management

Saturday August 04, 2018,

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To get the advantages of the ERP system and evade failure of the system, the use of a successful ERP change management is necessary. If the policy and method is correct, the achievement rate will be higher. Administrative strategies include change management, communication, staff management and others.

“The ERP software is one of the most open-minded software technologies in the whole world.”

The ERP modules have been designed and streamlined to automate student related information and processes. Management of multiple department functioning is one of the many features of erp. To provide easy communication, student progress tracking, and safety of students, erp software connects colleges to parents and students.

This management software derives some of its core principles and strategies from over 100 national and international institutions it is organized at and works on an academic framework that is flexible and robust. The utilitarian browser-based software that University ERP is, focuses on mainstreaming all the significant as well as monotonous administrative and legislative duties at a reasonable price.

What is the need for ERP?

•  Interconnectivity between Departments and Sub-Divisions.

•  Need for correctness in institution constraints.

•  Larger demands for resource management.

•  Least paperwork to almost NIL.

•  Dues and Money management with proven security.

•  Groundbreaking student data and profile management.

•  Results, Exam Schemes, and Attendance etc. to be shared on a real-time basis with parents and students.

•  Communications carried to parents through the SMS web portal.

Some of the benefits of erp software are as below

• Increase in Efficiency

Automating & Streamlining of the functions brings an efficient work process flow across schools.

• Increase in Control Management

Standardization of processes and quick access to information brings better control overall.

• Increased Returns

Efficient processes and enhanced productivity leads to high Return on Investment quickly.

• Increase in Quicker decision

Smooth information flow and accessibility to data /reports enable quick decision making.


Although, there are a lot of challenges that organizations mainly of small size face with respect to acquiring tailored education management system and get caught in the clutches of one size fits all kinds due to budget constraints mainly. Some face challenges with respect to the transition from the old to the new. But, all these challenges can be overcome with a custom made college management system and proper orientation procedures in place.

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