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Top 5 GST mobile applications with GST rate, HSN/SAC code and other useful information

Here we are showcasing a list of top 5 GST mobile applications available, which can help you out with your every query related to GST

Top 5 GST mobile applications with GST rate, HSN/SAC code and other useful information

Monday July 17, 2017,

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GST (Goods and Service Tax), a revolutionary step by the Government of India, which has changed the entire tax structure of the country. The new tax regime was implemented from July 1, 2017, and has changed the traditional taxation structure of the country by merging all of the indirect taxes such as VAT, Cess etc into one. The Government of India introduced GST in the country with a slogan of ‘One Nation One Tax’, which clearly shows that the GOI wants to implement equal tax over every point of the country.

As we all know very well that every new thing takes the time to get in a flow, similarly, this new tax regime will also take the time to get a place in the people’s mind in India. For making it easier to understand and to provide each and every update regarding this new tax regime, many IT corporations of the country have launched their mobile applications for GST. The recently launched GST applications provide latest updates regarding GST, GST news, GST info and much more, with the help of which you can easily become friends with this revolutionary reform.

Here we are showcasing a list of top 5 GST mobile applications available, which can help you out with your every query related to GST:

GST Enrolment

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GST Enrollment App" alt="GST Enrollment App" />

GST Enrolment app is an offline utility, which is used to enroll an existing Central Tax /State VAT / Service tax payer to the new Goods and Tax regime. This application allows the user to fill up each and every GST registration migration app form at a single place in an offline mode. After getting them filled in offline mode, the application automatically develops the exact data file to upload. After that, the user will have to come online and log in to the GST portal via this application and upload the developed data file. After updating, the taxpayer/dealer will receive a confirmation email/SMS of the successful validation of the uploaded file in 15 minutes. If the user wants to edit the uploaded data after the submission of enrolment application via this app, he/she will then have to have to visit the online GST portal. In simple words, we can say that this application makes GST registration easy and comfortable for any business holder.

GST Helpline

<a href=

GST Helpline App" alt="GST Helpline App" />

GST Helpline is your complete information portal for all GST related questions, doubts, and help. The application is available for Android and iOS platforms. You can download the app on your mobile phone and start right away asking your questions about GST through an amazing discussion forum. The app is built with a very intuitive and user-friendly UI that lets you navigate easily throughout the various features of the GST Helpline app.

Some of its features include user-friendly and interactive design, a complete GST information and help platform, inbuilt blog, GST discussion forum, free GST tools, GST guidance by industry experts, and a very robust platform.


<a href=

CBEC GST App" alt="CBEC GST App" />

GST is the new tax system launched by the government of India on the supply of consumable goods & services. CBEC GST is the official GST information app launched by the Central Board of Excise and Customs to help people understand the various terms and processes involved in the newly launched tax system. The app gives you information about various aspects of GST, rates, product information, GST migration, GST laws and rules, updates, FAQs, and more. Users can also ask questions, write feedbacks and contact the helpdesk for any query.

Tally for GST

<a href=

Tally for GST" alt="Tally for GST" />

This is an Android app designed by Tally Solutions to help users with their GST related queries and questions. You can download and use the app on your compatible Android device. The app is a direct gateway to the Tally GST blog where users can find all the information about GST, its applications, rates, GST news & updates, etc. You can also check to ensure that you are GST ready. The app also lets you evaluate your business in the post-GST era. You can also subscribe for the latest GST updates and ongoing events. The app can be used in multiple Indian languages.

GST Bill India Hindi

<a href=

GST Bill India Hindi" alt="GST Bill India Hindi" />

If you are particularly looking for GST information and help in Hindi, this app is suitable for you. Download and start using the app right away. You will get all the important information and updates about GST advantages, disadvantages, how GST actually works and its impacts on your business, information about GST, when and where GST is applicable, bill status, GST act rules and information, GST laws, updates, and more. You will be able to read all this in your favorite Hindi language. In addition to that, GST Bill app also lets you check your GST enrollment status, file tax returns, track application status, manage bills and records, and make payments online.

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