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Kaash 5 saal ki umar se he Photography seekh leta; aur 10 saal se Entrepreneurship kar leta

An inspiring journey of a photographer cum engineer cum entrepreneur, from working at Rs 500 a day to becoming the CEO of India's first exclusive event photography company

Kaash 5 saal ki umar se he Photography seekh leta; aur 10 saal se Entrepreneurship kar leta

Tuesday July 05, 2016,

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"Kaash 5 saal ki umar se he photography seekh leta; aur 10 saal se entrepreneurship kar leta" proclaims a photographer cum engineer cum entrepreneur Dhiyavasu Bhadauria, Founder and CEO of India's first exclusive event photography company, EventGraphia.

A candid interview with him and you will be inspired to such an extent that…well I have no words, read it and you shall feel it.

Ever since his childhood, Dhiyavasu always had a fascination for cameras and photography and used to enjoy it with his not-so-good traditional reel camera to capture memories…memories that will last longer. But little did he know back then that what coming ahead was probably the worst moment of his life - losing his father Late Mr Ashutosh Bhadauria at an innocent age of 10 due to a disease. Life shattered but he didn't. When asked about his reaction to the tragedy, he said "I decided back then to study wholeheartedly. I didn't know about any career or what but just understood one thing ie to STUDY properly. Although we did have financial issues but my mother was very supportive and being a teacher at high school she left no stone unturned to help sustain our family. I used to manage all the market work along with my studies to ease her work a bit".

Eventually, life progressed and it was not until grade 12th that he realised his deep-rooted interest in photography and decided to make a career out of it. It was very vague back then with no family support or professional training he started practicing photography by borrowing his friend's camera/cell phones because he didn't have enough money to buy any. Time passed by and there came the BIG SMALL change which kick-started his career, an all India-CNBC Photography Competition in which he surprisingly bagged Second Position( all over India) with the pic of a ‘Semi-Flying Bird' by a Samsung Galaxy S2 (again borrowed though). The competition brought him his very first Professional Camera Nikon D-5210 by the prize money and obviously acted as a confidence booster.

Well with this his career took a new turn indeed boomed up as he encapsulates "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve that' . With this achievement, it was very much sure, that I can do something further in photography and related field ". Somehow things started building up though small but at least something is better than nothing. Right?

He started doing photography in small events wedding, portfolios and other related stuff getting little paid to meet his odds. At times he even encountered financial losses or often clients refused to pay and betrayed him. But he didn't lose hope, though he regrets his mistakes (probably due to his over-excitement or as he says 'Bholapan') but also considers himself fortunate enough to encounter them as those turned out to be his biggest learning.

Well reading all this seems to be quite easy. Right? But it was not so; because if you remember, he was also studying engineering, which accompanies itself with a huge amount of pressure, stress, and curriculum-studies. So when asked, that, how was he able to execute both? He said that "Managing both wasn't tough. The college provides you with ample of free hours especially the time slot between 6pm to 1am is often wasted. So I simply utilised that. Moreover, there was never a Week-END for me; rather I used to work more during that. But the best part being, I never used to get frustrated or tired by my work as ‘I always did what I loved' ". He even says that learning engineering has rather helped him, ie concepts such as machine learning and artificial intelligence is immensely useful in photography and new technical Innovations.

The Startup Thing :

December 2014 fuelled a whole new aspiration in him. It tracks back to a wedding ceremony where he was shocked to hear another photographer's pay as low as 2,000 bucks, which ignited in him- a need for a change, a change to back off misery from the life of a daily shutterbug and an innocent customer: A quest that led him to entrepreneurship, thereby deciding to open a company, leaving behind the astonishing offer of $72,000 from New York Times. With a little money he had, a domain was purchased in the name of ‘EventGraphia' right away, which is now India's First exclusive Event Photography Company serving in over 198 cities ,with clients including UBER, HARLEY DAVIDSON,WI-JUNGLE, JAIPUR LITERATURE FEST, JAIPUR INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK among others. With Mr. Palansh Agarwal, Co-founder & CTO and Mr. Pradeep Jain(Former Apple and Paypal Employee), Board of Advisory, team EventGraphia, is ambitious and focused on converting his ideas into REALITY.

Co- Founders, Event Graphia

Co- Founders, Event Graphia

When asked about his future vision and current satisfaction level, he exclaims that " I am not satisfied currently but I am happy with my work" and aspires to entirely bring down the misery of Indian Photographer by promoting them socially, emotionally and financially and by bringing innovation in photography, in the years ahead.

A big fan of PM Narendra Modi and motivator Sandeep Maheswari, he advises every youth to watch Sandeep's video specifically mentioning ‘The Last Life-Changing Seminar'. Further, he also suggests a book for all Start-up Enthusiast i.e. , ‘ Venture Deals by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson' as a must.

Apart from his photography career, he has a peculiar dream of opening a Restaurant, but with Photographers and selfie zone in it, to help customer pass the pre-order time.

Last but not the least , he gives the most important tool to anyone searching for his passion, as he remarked , " Jis kaam ko din ke lagatar 15 ghante krke bhi tum na thako, wohi tumhara passion hain".

So doesn't it seem that if he can do such miracles, then why can't we? 


Thank you! By: Jeetendra Ajmera