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Top Mobile App Development Trends Predicted for 2019

Are you looking for the best mobile app trends that going to rule 2019? Let’s talk about these mobile apps trends 2019

Top Mobile App Development Trends Predicted for 2019

Wednesday October 17, 2018,

4 min Read

Are you looking top trending mobile app technologies that will be the talk of the town in the year 2019?

Many innovative applications trends were evolved in 2019 but some of them failed to hit the market. This is the reason why people are expecting a surge of mobile technology trends that would surely change the game again and benefit the market.

Yourstory Mobile App Trends

In this blog, we will discuss some important app trends that are predicted for 2019. This would take businesses to the new level and help business owners in achieving high success for their businesses.

Let's begin

1) Use of Mobile wallet

Mobile wallet which means wallet in the form of apps is bound to increase in future. The main reason for increasing demand for these mobile apps is due to its high security. Mobile app programmers will go to have a higher demand for building mobile wallets. In fact, a lot of banks are connected with mobile payment technologies which have proved to be a successful investment for online mobile banking. So, customers can now do everyday financial transactions at an ease. Paytm wallet, Apple Pay etc. have made it possible and becoming more mainstream.

2) On-Demand Apps

On-demand apps have their own importance and are one of the top app development trends for the upcoming year. As we can see apps like Just eat and Uber became very popular last year, so people expect this kind of apps more in future. On-demand apps actually make our life easier and these apps can be utilized anywhere and anytime.

3) Internet of Things

IoT is one of the strong app trends that will gain the attention of maximum users in 2010. This technology operates with smart bulbs, radiators, wearable tech, home surround sound systems, and speakers. The growing adoption of wearable technology is a reflection of how people begin to receive mobile technology trends. Soon, technology will become one of the new fashion standards. This indicates that there is a strong demand for this trend and this has a direct impact on the mobile application development market since many of the IoT devices are controlled by you and your smartphones.

4) Cloud-based Apps

Cloud-based apps are one of the most popular predicted application trends for 2019. It will solve the problem of storing data internally. One major flaw that every dedicated smartphone user face by installing an abundance of mobile apps is the storage space. This is a growing problem but 2019 could be a good solution to curb this problem. Cloud-based apps will move internal storage to cloud-based storage due to which smartphone users don't need to worry about further storage space issues within their mobiles.

5) Facial Recognition Technology

Face I.D is a good trend when it comes to mobile security. Through facial detection, you can secure your personal data present in the mobile. In fact, Apple has found the facial recognition technology very efficient as they have changed the way in which people interact with their devices. Now, they are using this system as a form of security identity. In the future of mobile apps, we will see other competing businesses looking to also capitalize on the success of this trend.  

The future certainly looks brighter, better and bolder with these revolutionary technologies that dominate even more the mobile application development market. 2019 will not only see rapid growth in the development of mobile applications, but it will also mark the entry of the most innovative applications that will make people even more addicted to their smartphones. As of mobile app developers and development; well, that battleground will remain as competitive as it has always been.