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Going Digital in Society Management the Norm for Valid Reasons

Going Digital in Society Management the Norm for Valid Reasons

Monday January 28, 2019,

4 min Read

It has become common to go digital to manage the working of society nowadays. This is due to the fact that it has become a necessity in the present time. People feel safe by living in societies today. This kind of community living has become the norm now. Many factors may have led to this state of affairs. Though there are advantages there may be many disadvantages too. The disadvantage of such living is managing it without any hassle. This has led to use the digital society management system.

Management of society made easy

This has made the administrative work easy to do. Let us find out how the management becomes easy. The society has many residents. Each with different needs. Their needs have to be supplied without causing any trouble for them. Then each of the facilities like water supply piped gas, power supply and more need to be billed according to the use. This is so much work in itself. However, this is not the end of it. After making the bills they need to be delivered to each and every member.


Transparent admin

Then the collection process starts. Some of the residents pay on time, others pay late and there may be some defaulters too. Keeping track of all this involves some more work. Who is going to bear the burden of this work? If someone is appointed to do this work, he or she has to be paid. This is another financial burden which needs to be tackled. In spite of this, there may be some discrepancy and lack of transparency. Keeping track of non-payment of bills and then sending reminders for the same can be really intriguing for the management team.

Fewer conflicts better management 

There may be some disagreements and skirmishes sneaking into the system. All this is due to the non-performance on the part of the administrative head. In case this was all done digitally such discrepancies would be minimum. Hence many society managements prefer to go digital. Adopting the technology to manage things makes the administration process smooth. Thus you see societies and apartment buildings installing apartment management system or something similar.

Variance calls for customization 

Each society is different. So when you as a society management team try installing some management software you need to first learn its working and how it will be useful for you. There are many features in the software. Not all may be necessary for your society. So you need to customize it according to your requirement. This will assist in making the administrative work easy to handle.

This will aid in easy accounting of the facilities, keeping a record of every aspect of the work in the society, tracking of the visitors and much more. As your society is different from other societies so is each resident different. Their need for amenities is different. They need to be billed accordingly. Someone who avails the parking facility for one car has to be billed differently from the one who parks three cars.

Reasons galore for favoring digitization

Similarly, a family may have become the member or the gym while its neighbor may exercise at home not willing to avail the society gym facility. So while the former gets the gyming bill the latter is not entitled to any such. There are various such facilities in a society that are availed differently by different residents and occupants. This billing becomes easy when it is done digitally. Also tracking of payment becomes easy for late payments and non-payments. This system holds good for all the facilities provided at the society.

Further, the use of the software to manage the society helps communicating with every member with ease. The society updates and other news need to be conveyed. The digital system sends messages and notifications automatically when fed into its system. This reduces a lot of work of the admin and also indirectly efficiency slides in. Thus you can see why people favor the use of society management software.