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Google Ads vs SEO: Which One To Choose?

Google Ads vs SEO: Which One To Choose?

Friday July 31, 2020,

4 min Read

If you are new to Digital Marketing or a Business Owner looking to understand the distinction between Google Ads and SEO before allowing digital advertising to your business, then this article is for you.

I understand, you would have heard of terms like Google Ads, Pay-Per-Click, Adwords, SEO, and Organic Search, which as a beginner might leave you perplexed like once I was.

Let's take every term and find out what it is and how it works.  

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a set of continuous activities performed by SEO experts from Professional SEO Services Company on a website to rank on Google search engine for the most searched keywords and to achieve organic traffic.

Is it still confusing?

Let's put in simple terms. For instance, suppose you have built a new website for your online Puma clothing business, since it is new, your customers have no idea about your website or Business. Am I correct?

In this case, it is not only your customers, but also Google has no idea of the existence of your website no matter how appealing it looks.

So if anyone searches for keywords such as Puma jacket, your website will be nowhere found on Google for that particular search term.

Google uses an algorithm to identify and rank your website. The set of activities that are done by SEO experts from SEO Services agency to get your website shown at the top of google for the keywords which will drive business for you is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Is spending on SEO beneficial?

You should have known by now. If your customers cannot find your Business on Google when searching for the services or products you provide, then your competitor will grab the opportunity leaving you with nothing.

So it is significant for all online businesses to invest in Best SEO agency and rank for the keywords that are relevant to their business.

How does the SEO system work?

When a consumer searches for a keyword on the Google search, Google looks at its inventory for all the indexed web pages to find a webpage that has relevant information to the search team.

And after considering many other important factors such as Domain Authority, Age of the content, and so on, Google presents the web page to the user.

What is Google Ads(Previously known as Adwords)?

Google Ads otherwise known as Pay-per-click. 

Google Ads is a platform developed by Google to run ads for Businesses. Google gives access to Business to showcase their websites on top of Google for the most Business relevant keywords. 

There are different types of Google ads to full fill the various purposes based on advertiser needs.

The Business will pay google for every click they get for their ads by Customers.

Is spending on Google Ads Beneficial? 

When it comes to SEO, it is a long term investment and it could equally yield better results in the long run.

But Google ads, on the other hand, is for immediate results and works purely on bidding. As there will be a lot of competitive bidding for the same keyword, an experienced Google Ads agency will set a substantial bid to display your ad at the top of Google for users who searched for the particular keywords and result in higher leads and sales.

How does Google Adwords Work?

Businesses pay for the number of clicks they get on their advertisement.

Google Adwords gives a lot of control to the advertiser to choose the daily budget, Monthly budget, max amount spent on a click, and so on.

Your daily budget and your effective bidding strategy determine your position on Google Search Engine.

What to choose for My Business?

In my view, online marketing is the same as owning a car.

A car always requires proper maintenance and SEO is the essential maintenance. Whatever remodeling you do is considered as an investment and going to serve you long run.

Google Ads is like owning a sports car, it will get you all the attention and leads that you need, but once you stop spending, it is gone. but like a Sports car, the results will be more active.

In conclusion, Investment in SEO is mandatory for a website to aid improve your organic traffic to your website. Google Ads is for promoting. If there is an ongoing promotion and you want to spread the word quickly, then no doubt, Google ads are for you.