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Google Website Builder to Create a Free Website for Small Business

Create a Free Website with the help of Google Website Builder

Google Website Builder to Create a Free Website for Small Business

Wednesday November 07, 2018,

3 min Read

The web activity of the people has multiplied immensely over the last few years which make it absolute necessary for the small businesses to have a website. Until last year, there were small business owners who were operating sans website. But they too have realized the importance of having a website for their company as people are taking to the internet for online shopping. Thus businesses with no website are also getting a website designed for their potential growth in the online market. Even a single page website had the power to generate business.

Google empowers the small business owners to launch their website amidst the plethora of technically superior and interactive websites in the World Wide Web. Google My Business Account is the freely available platform for the businesses to launch their website using the features offered by the media. The tool can be fully customized to accommodate the GMB listings easily and further allow attachment of Adwords Express. Alternatively, the website can be easily designed by the tool and it is a hassle free designing option freely available for such business owners. They can create their website easily.

A Website designing company has the potential to create the free site for your business enterprise. It can automatically take the details like company name, location, contact details, catalogues, posts, images, etc. from the Google My Business account. The designer can make changes as per their theme, content, language, and photos.


The tool offers 8 themes which can be used and the matched as per the content and the text. The font can also be selected as per requirement. The theme of the website can be decided by the owners of the small businesses also and the option is a good one for them as they can customize the settings according to their requirement.


The website editing can be done. The description, underline, bullets, numbers, etc. can be changed as per the desire of the website owner. These are the points which make the text appear more readable and organized. When the text looks impressive, the users would definitely like to indulge in the website.


The site can upload 9 photos at a time. The cover image of the webiste can be customized and the other visuals can also be attached.


Local language is the language used in the small areas where the business entity belongs. Thus their target audience is also people who interact in the local language. Thus the website will be interactive in their own language. More than 60 local languages are available in the tool. Thus the website is effective and interactive in the local language.

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This section is decided by the algorithm of the tool and thus cannot accept changes. It is in the logical manner as it should be and thus is best and the most expressive one.

Thus the tool is one of the most effective one for the small business owners who can get their free website. They do not have enough resources to employ the designers for the development of the websites. Thus the tool is highly economical and one of the best for such business owners. This way their business can grow and reach the level which the owners want. The website builder tool has emerged as one of the most effective one for the start-ups also. Even they can get their free website and make use of the customized options to create the site according to their requirement. Google has much to offer to the users.