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How companies can leverage a SharePoint HR portal for employee management

How companies can leverage a SharePoint HR portal for employee management

Friday July 05, 2019,

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Sharepoint is a collaboration system based on the website which uses workflow applications, databases and other forms of web parts and security features in order to empower and strengthen the teams involved in any business.

employee management

It gives the user the capability of controlling the access to the information and also helps in automating the workflow processes across business units. It increases the productivity and transparency of information.

Applications in the HR department.

The HR department in any company faces continuous challenges with fewer and fewer resources and at the same time, they have to work accordingly to meet with the regulations of government.

All the HR records were traditionally stored in filing cabinets or in the form of shared drives in different file formats by the use of standardized models for storage. This makes the process of organizing, securing, share and retrieve documents a fairly difficult task.

In order to improve this condition and tackle with the problem the HR managers are shifting their interests to IT, it helps in digitizing the records and updating the HR process and workflows to take advantages SharePoint has to offer.

The HR department has to face frequent request and question that take hours to solve at a time. The HR department is the group of the company that has to keep people updated. SharePoint services can be utilized as “employee portal” in fields of collaboration and management it gives the users access to policies, forms discussion groups and frequently asked questions. All of this is available at the fingertips whenever and wherever needed.

This helps in saving a lot of time that was earlier spent, rather wasted in conducting unproductive calls, emails, in-person request and other types of conversational talks with the HR team. This time can be used in focusing on more strategic projects while increasing engagement.

Most of the common forms and policies that are utilized by both management and employees of the organization are often held with the HR department. The use of Microsoft SharePoint for storing and managing these is a great idea and can ensure that the users have 24-hour access to the up to date versions of the forms. If you want to make sure that all the policies have been reviewed by the individual user? No problem, you can use the digital acknowledgment and signatures to track that all of the employees have reviewed the updated forum. Added to this Sharepoint will also give you periodic reminders to both the HR staff and the employees about the time to update and renew important documents.

SharePoint have a strong integration with Outlook and MS office added to this, the customizable workflow engine altogether makes most of the processes like request and approval completely automated and paperless. The status of all the requests are readily available on the dashboard of SharePoint, this eliminates the headache of tracking down all the requests manually and makes it easy to follow up the approvers and requesters.

By using the features available on SharePoint like video library, you can easily plan and execute effective training programs. This content can be in the form of a video, photo, slides or some other form, this eliminates the dependency of the HR department on live training sessions and save a lot of time which can be utilized by the employee in some more productive work as they now have the convenience to work at their own pace.

You can also configure Sharepoint to track and record the progress of all the individual employees throughout the training programs. This gives the HR staff quick access to the display of the training status of the entire organization so they can work accordingly to fulfill the training needs of the organization.

The 5 core fields where SharePoint will help in bringing cost-saving and efficiency to an enterprise or organization are described below in brief.

· Onboarding of employee:  

An enterprise mobility management software makes it easy to manage all sorts of documents, be it any kind of form, policy papers or another sort of legal papers. Earlier, this was done in the traditional manner by using hard copy documentation process which was both time consuming and inefficient.

· Document management and retention:  

If you are using enterprise mobility services it will be easier for you to execute controlled storage of documents, and providing secure access to all the user. It can also protect your data by using disaster recovery and keep personal information safe. These are the major concerns of employees nowadays which can be tackled by taking guidance from a custom software development company.

· Performance management and evaluation:

This goes hands-on hands with enterprise mobility solutions, they make sure that the process of performance evaluation and management is performed in the most linear fashion. This process requires a lot of documentation at each and every step throughout the time period for which the employee is serving the company.

· Policies and procedures:

This is a very important task as maintaining company policies and procedure requires strong records management and they must also be accessible to easily to both the employees and regulators. The use of an enterprise mobility management software can help in making this process a piece of cake.

· Compliance:

There is a constant requirement for any sort of company or organization to meet the standards laid by the federal and state governments. Enterprise mobility services help the HR department in making sure that it is secure.

A custom software development company will surely help the HR team in making a centrally managed and efficient system that saves time for them as well as the employees and makes it easy for the new employees to understand all the procedures. enterprise mobility services are very helpful to the HR department as it puts an end to the repetitive process of being followed upon by them for each and every employee which is newly hired. enterprise mobility solutions make it very easy to get instant solutions to the queries raised by users.