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How Does Indoor Navigation Tech Help Large Event Management? [Trade Shows and International Exhibitions]

How Does Indoor Navigation Tech Help Large Event Management? [Trade Shows and International Exhibitions]

Tuesday January 08, 2019,

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Indoor navigation technology when customized as an Indoor navigation app is an extensive platform for large event management, making it a breezy task when faced with the challenge of successfully organizing global trade shows and international exhibitions.

The app could help with booking slots before the exhibition, navigation and wayfinding inside the venue during the show, notifying stakeholders of important developments during an expo, obtain feedback post the exhibition, etc.

For the event organizers and the hosts, visitor experience takes paramount importance as a happy visitor will definitely turn into a loyal customer. Enhancing visitor experience through simplified information on an indoor navigation app is much more simpler now – hosts can look at studying the data generated and take strategic decisions based on user behavior and usage of the facility. As apps are replacing traditional paper-drawn plans for managing events, international trade shows and expos are gearing up to absorb this new tech into their facility management.

Why You Need To Consider Indoor Navigation Tech For Your Event?

Event planners of large event management can use an indoor navigation app to improve the guest experience, personalize the event, and add depth to facility usage, which was previously unavailable.

1. Provides Valuable Information

The indoor navigation app at large events contributes relevant data about the floor plan, shortest paths to reach points of interest, safety alerts & tips, etc. Information may include the precise location of a point of interest, what’s on offer at that point, wayfinding, and real-time notifications among others.

2.Reduces Wait Time

The indoor navigation app controls crowd flow at large events be reducing wait times. App allows large events management by ensuring visitors and users of the app use this platform for finding what they are looking for than wait in long queues at a single window.

3.Improving Revenue Generation

The app also serves as a promotional platform for event organizers where-in they can promote specific offers and deals from various participants of the trade show. Advertisements and promotional notifications can be sent based on visitors’ location during the event.

4.Gamification and Play

Gamification and treasure hunts are a fun way to ensure visitors are using the wayfinding app and also keeping their Wi-Fi enabled throughout the event. Large events managements also use Indoor navigation app to engage the visitors with activities like questions and riddles, by solving which participants achieve points at an event.

5.Asset Tracking

An indoor navigation app helps in tracking assets which could be either movable or immovable. It can also help in tracking an individual’s location while navigating the facility during the course of the event.

6.Enhance Visitor Experience

Visitors get to know each and every aspect of the event delivered to this app on their Smartphones. This helps them decide and bookmark their tour of the event and visit points of interest. The app itself seems like a personalized event manager where-in users can interact effortlessly with the app for planning their time at the venue.

7.Feedback Surveys

Every large event management planner wants to obtain real-time feedback from visitors in the form of questionnaires or surveys. This helps in improving services during the show for understanding and paves the way for better facility utilization and space management.