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How to Achieve Productivity Even After 8 hours of Work?

With these 5 steps, you can achieve productivity even after 8 hours of long-tiring day. Read these productivity tips and strike off the items in your to-do list like a pro.

How to Achieve Productivity Even After 8 hours of Work?

Sunday March 31, 2019,

8 min Read

Productivity Tips:

Productivity Tips

The half-baked brain of your manager and pressure of meeting unrealistic deadlines at work could leave you anyone lethargic end of the day. So always we do is plop onto our couch, turn on Netflix, and just chill out. But the poor sticky note of your bucket list on the refrigerator cries in the corner. Every-single-day!

I believe the time between stepping out from work to hitting the bed is so so important. A bucket of chocolate popcorn and Netflix is sure, a good idea. I do not disagree with it either.

But, does it helps in making a better of yourself?


Does it making your dream come true?

Ummm, nope.

But, we all have dreams, right? We all want to be successful. We all want to touch the stars.

The daily grind is ruling most of the employees’ passion out there. Such as learning a new language, a musical instrument, a programming language, or writing a book etcetera. However, most of us slide this time which could turn out something meaningful to you alone. Something that could improve your well being along with the self-worth.

Of course, I know this.

Yes, you know it. But are you doing the same?



Is it because you are completely satisfied with your life? Is it because you feel you know every ounce on this planet? Or is it hard to move that lazy bum from the comfortable couch?

Huh? What’s it, honey?

“Yaar, I am not getting enough time to follow my passion.” Time? Seriously?

But darling, what you do every night after work is life-changing.

So, here is my piece of productivity nuggets that benefited me in managing both my profession and passion smoothly:

productivity nuggets

> Trail and error method:

Yes! See, we all have 24 hours of time every day. But we all do not endure the same kinds of circumstances and we do not have the same frequency of wellness and stick-to-itiveness. Thus, testing is necessary. Take your time to warm up.

For instance, on one day, do the iron first and dishes next.

The other day, do the dishes first and iron next.

Drag the berths of your to-do list items and get wind of which item is consuming more time or which item did not calm down the fire to do hustle more.

Carry out these activities for a few days and get the wind of your agenda.

> Make your bed in the morning:

You read it right.

Haven’t you been in a situation where you blame yourself for not making the bed in the morning?

Yes, you have.

But most of us do not realize the benefits it brings in.

Imagine coming home after a long tiring day and see the cluttered space all over. Look around all the clothes settled on the floor. Or those accessories who are misplaced?

A decluttered space could drain your energy and drags you out of the actual work.

On the other side, a cluttered space cast back a wave of peace and self-appreciation.

Who does not seek for composure amidst the chaos?

From tomorrow, make your bed in the morning because the key to a good day is to have a good morning! It is your responsibility to build a world how you want to see. No excuses, bro!

> Stay the hell out of the screen:

Every morning, the first thing you search for after waking up is obviously - your phone!

Despite the fact you are still half-asleep, you reach out to your phone as you have missed an important email or text or any evolution of the world.


The truth is, you end up scrolling the feeds of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and give yourself a moment to ruin the rest of the day.

The result of checking the phone early in the morning is more like leading your life on someone’s else terms.

Instead of utilizing the endless possibilities a day could have, you are limiting your initial point with a six-inch-smart-screen. You limit your day’s tenor with a single like an email or a comment.

Lately, I have figured out that social media plays a major role in our lives. It is a comparison game which I always lose! Seeing my friends’ getting engaged or that gang of people scuba diving and the filter-perfected lives made me sick. Using phone early in the morning made me push myself harder to prove what I am to others. I did things which are way out of my league only to show the world that I also fit in that breed.

However, I have seen the light that I do not need a life much the same as others. There is no point in determining my twenty-four-hour period by not-so-familiar people stories and updates.

Better late than never, realize that a new morning is a token of freedom, gratitude, and opportunity. You could take hold of the following hours and shape up your world like you want it to be.

As I mentioned earlier, the key to a good day is to have a good morning! Start each morning with a mint fresh perspective and supervise your the day you want to be.

In the same manner, do not look at your phone as soon as you reach the home. Because, yet again, the team dinners or outing of your friends’ could make you again play the comparsion game. Unlike them, you would have an ordinary day, which alters your mood, thus screwing up your to-do list.

Stop the phone-checking cycle in the morning and you can see yourself, growing into the person you actually want to become.

> Invest in yourself:

The best investment you can make is in yourself - Warren Buffet.”

Could not be any true! I remember reading Buffet started with just $100 and made it into $30 billion.

Thereupon, it is to understand that, it is not about the capital you have, it all about the wisdom you play in making it the big, bigger, and biggest.

Likewise, your improvement starts with what you know about yourself.

What am I curious about? What runs a shiver down my spine?

Invest in yourself. Get to know every tinge of your personality. Create a better, bigger, and bankable version of yourself.

But, Rome did not build in a single night.

You know that, right?

Once upon a time, there was a young boy whose ultimate goal is to become a singer. He has spent countless nights practicing with different modules and tones aiming to perform on a grand stage one day.

Once upon a time, there was a young girl whose ultimate goal is to become a writer. She has spent countless nights writing different genres of storyline and poems.

In both the scenarios, both worked ass off to become who they are today.

They have invested in themselves. No grand slam is going to embrace you tomorrow if you do not work for it today. As simple as that. Never settle with what you have in your hands. Pump yourself higher, higher, and just higher.

If you do not invest in yourself, who else will?

On the ground, invest the time left after work in making yourself better.

I am sure you have a thing you wanted to learn since childhood but could not. Now, go, learn that. If you feel you do not have such a thing, explore and experiment.

Invest yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Because it shapes who you are.

> Have a physical exercise:

To be productive after work is more like combating against Agent Smith.

However, most of the millennial fail to understand that to be energetic after work is to be energetic before work. A little exercise or a brisk walk in the morning could fill you up with energy, enthusiasm, and ecstasy.

Say, you wake up at 8.30 AM, braced yourself in hurry-burry to reach the workplace by 9.30.

Here, you neither have time to loosen up yourself for a little while nor have scheduled the day. With the same lethargic mood, you stop at the work and it shapes up your whole day. You would be cloudy, lazy, and worn out.

But, waking up 2-3 hours earlier gives you a space to organize and relaxes your mind & body.

In order to maintain a substantial level of energy after work is no cakewalk, but not impossible either. Right after waking up, go for a brisk walk or hit the gym or even jog, according to your wish and physical ability. When you exercise, you are enhancing the blood flow to the brain which in return brush up your awareness and boost the creativity, confidence, and resilience.

This way, you could be full of vim and vigor throughout the day. As a consequence, you feel lively after the work and be able to strike off the items in your to-do list.

Do this for a while and I am sure, you will thank me later.

. . .