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How to Advertise on LinkedIn in 2019

This guide exclusively for social media marketers.

How to Advertise on LinkedIn in 2019

Monday June 24, 2019,

5 min Read

How to Advertise on LinkedIn in 2019

LinkedIn has the potential to back online business in terms of traffic and revenue. It’s considered as a major social media platform. Business owners cannot ignore this powerful resource of relevant traffic and revenue and smart marketers always have marketing strategy for LinkedIn.

So you are planning to start an advertising campaign on LinkedIn. That’s a Good thing because running a promotional ad on this social media giant will help you find new consumers. But before start off a campaign, think about it, do you actually need to advertise on the LinkedIn?

Do You Really Need to Advertise on LinkedIn?

It is good question to ask yourself because you are going to invest your money, time and efforts.

 What will you get after running a LinkedIn campaign?

Does your business really need to run LinkedIn marketing campaign?

LinkedIn is a worldwide platform that consists 590 million professional users from 200 countries, a report said.

Additionally, LinkedIn is inevitable B2B marketing platform that helps you to connect several professionals after creating a single account.

The vast users are spending important time on LinkedIn to finding new content, learning new skills and interacting new experts across the countries.

But this is not last thing. You get the essential options to run campaign such as textual ads, In Mails ads and many more and it also help the business to discover target audience to expand services.

Additionally, LinkedIn dashboard has launch new technical features in 2019 that offers easy to use marketing procedure to its users to set up a successful campaign.

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Decide Your Goal with LinkedIn Ads

Influencers use LinkedIn for many reasons like traffic, increasing leads, share blog post and video promotion. So you have to decide your objective which your main target is.

Meanwhile, your marketing goals and brand goals may be different so consider it before establishing a campaign.

For new businesses, website clicks are more necessary rather than traffic and leads. But to grow a business, your marketing strategy should be around lead generation and their conversion.

In order to understand, you have to visit LinkedIn and click Create campaign button and choose further options.

Select an Ad Format

LinkedIn dashboard offers various options where you can see several ad format plans. Each entrepreneur has different goals and intentions to set up ads so LinkedIn offers variety of features.

Mainly, we categories LinkedIn ads format into four segments –

· Sponsored Content format

You can market your content or products to directly LinkedIn members feed through this sponsored content format. To get the great advantage from this format, showcase your services in famous marketing geeks feed.

You can use attractive illustrations to display your products in the feed. LinkedIn interface shows your ads in user-friendly manner that grab the users attentions.

All entrepreneurs want to reach directly up to specific member and this ad format provides the ability to make a direct interaction.

· Video Ads Format

Video is most trending option to build up strong brand awareness. LinkedIn is delivering fast and user friendly options to the marketers so that they can skyrocket the digital marketing strategy through video. Design a video that reflects your business services and products including customers reviews and run a test video campaign.

· Sponsored In Mail Format

Generating leads is too consuming work that takes time and efforts. Business owners are still depending on the email marketing, but it also difficult to make a great list of email subscribers.

LinkedIn offers a useful ad format that enhances your ability to pitch a mail directly to the member’s inbox section and you don’t need to acquire any email list.

· Text Ads Format

This ad format obviously generates leads and traffic directly to the websites. But it offers different features to showcase the product and services. You can divert potential traffic to the landing page or contact form.

Text ads are the simplest format to design your marketing campaign to grab the reader’s attentions.


Discover the Potential Consumers

Hope you have decided who will click on your ad. If you have done it then you have accomplished a great task towards you successful ad campaign. Your ad will be shown in a certain area based on age, interest, location, city, education and other statics.

Discovering potential users who will be your customers, is little bit difficult task. If you explore rightly then believe me your marketing campaign surely grow.

However, every entrepreneur wants to increase visibility so they try to visualize ads to the maximum users. But relevancy always matters to gain pointed customers. Irrelevant targeting can be a bad ideas and it also become the failure of a well-design campaign. So it is necessary to establish a LinkedIn campaign carefully and analysis of all the metrics.

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User Engagement is Utmost Goal

You know so well, users don’t have time to read any ad. They come to the LinkedIn and scroll the content fast. Then in this case, what thing will force the readers to engage into ads. Mainly images and videos are well-known the grab maximum attentions.

Leave the average visuals aside and start creating outstanding and effective illustrations and begin LinkedIn marketing campaign. Explore the competitor’s campaign and find out and dive into their marketing strategies but never copy them.

Conduct Daily monitoring tasks in order to analyze your LinkedIn campaign and learn from mistakes.

Author - This article has been contributed by Hostnetindia content marketing Team.